Over the past half century, many brands have appeared in the United States, whose activities are directly related to the production of cars. But Tesla has made a real revolution by reversing the perception of what a 21st century car should be.

Today the car is no longer perceived as a luxury. But the entire world economy turned out to be tied to an exhaustible natural resource - oil. It is this oily substance, called "black gold", that led to the dependence of human comfort on the impressive monetary costs.

The technological breakthrough that Tesla made is the first human steps on the path to complete freedom and energy independence. Tesla is the first brick in the foundation of a house that will not be worried about the current price of a barrel of oil.

It would be ignorance to talk about the American corporation Tesla without remembering the person whose name it is named after. It was the ideas laid down by the Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla that helped engineer and entrepreneur Elon Musk to revolutionize the world of the automotive industry in just 12 years.

Nikola Tesla is rightfully called the second Leonardo da Vinci. Its influence on the life of a modern person cannot be overestimated. It was thanks to Nikola Tesla that the large-scale electrification of the entire planet began. He proposed using a transformer, he is credited with the invention of the first radio transmitter, the description of the first radio-controlled models, the founding of the principles of robotics, the invention of the counter, speedometer, fluorescent lamps, X-rays, and an electric clock. The number of inventions of the greatest Serbian scientist reaches a thousand. Without knowing this, we continue to use them to this day.

Almost all the developments with which Nikola Tesla linked his experiments pursued two main goals: to obtain cheap energy available to every inhabitant of the Earth, and the ability to transmit electricity without wires over any distance.

In 1892, Nikola Tesla invents the resonant transformer, which actually marked the beginning of the era of fuel-free energy. In 40 years, Tesla will demonstrate the first working version of an electric vehicle.

In 2003, the first brick will be laid in the creation of Tesla Motors, a company based on the principles of creating a "high-tech car". An outdated internal combustion engine was out of the question.

Despite the generally accepted opinion that the creator of Tesla is an American engineer, inventor and entrepreneur Elon Musk, the author of the project, which resulted in one of the most influential brands of our time, are two comrades: Martin Eberhard and Mark Tarpennin. But it would have been impossible to develop the concern without serious investment.

Elon Musk's desire for constant funding can be explained by his desire to create a new, unlike the existing, automobile brand, which would become a revolutionary product in the global automotive industry.

Investing in Tesla
Investing in Tesla

Today, Tesla's capitalization is about $ 21 billion, which many eminent brands cannot boast of. The design of Tesla cars is made in such a way that practically does not require any service intervention, and the parts that still have to be changed periodically are wheels, wipers and a battery, the trouble-free operation of which is designed for 7 years, after which the manufacturer guarantees its replacement free of charge.

Tesla cars are becoming more desirable every day. The company is developing at a record pace the independent infrastructure of gas stations around the world. Sales of the legendary sedan continue to grow, and the world is holding its breath before the release of new Tesla products.

How to Invest in Tesla shares in Kenya

Many investors and traders have entrusted their money to Tesla. There are many reasons why these people decided to buy shares in this company. First, they believe that it is one of the best companies to help them generate income in the future. Others think this is a good company to invest in. They also see it as a long-term investment.

Tesla has delivered Tesla electric vehicles to 499,550 customers in 2020. Almost half a million electric vehicles! Thus, the company, headed by the entrepreneur Elon Musk, practically managed to fulfill its intended goal - to supply 500 thousand buyers with its products. At the same time, in general, the company produced 509,737 electric vehicles.

The most popular were the budget versions of Tesla electric vehicles - Model 3 and Model Y, which were purchased by more than 442.5 thousand buyers. More expensive Model S and Model X were bought by more than 57 thousand people.

At the end of October, the company published financial statements, according to which Tesla's revenue in the third quarter of 2020 increased and exceeded the expectations of experts. Tesla's revenue for the reporting period was $ 8.77 billion, with a net profit of $ 331 million.

Tesla Stock Investment Platform
Tesla Stock Investment Platform

Since the market is currently unstable, many Kenyans are thinking about how to invest in Tesla shares in Kenya. Investors and traders are considering investing in stocks when prices rise. This helps investors make a profit. Market growth is due to an increase in demand for products. When the market is booming, commodity prices rise. As demand for Tesla grows, the company will definitely expand its business in different parts of the world. For example, a large number of Tesla vehicles can be seen on the streets of Kenya today.

However, before you decide to invest in Tesla or Telefonica shares in Kenya, you need to understand the terms and conditions set by the company. Shareholders can lose their money if they do not know the rules of doing business. Go online and do some preliminary research. Visit the company's website on the Internet. The company's website will provide information on various projects that the company is working on. You will also find information about the directors and employees of the company. You will also find the latest news about the company. This will help you analyze the growth and development trends of the company.

A stock purchase should only be made after thorough research on how to invest in Tesla stock in Kenya.

General information about Tesla`s shares on the platform
General information about Tesla`s shares on the platform

If you are planning to invest in Tesla shares in Kenya, you are better off choosing a broker or trading platform with years of experience. The broker must be registered and reliable. They can better manage the risks associated with long-term investments in Tesla stock. Another important thing to keep in mind is to only buy stocks that have a high market value. By purchasing shares, for example, Twitter, you can sell them at a higher price.

How to buy Tesla shares in Kenya

When it comes to buying Tesla stock in Kenya, you have to consider that not all companies that advertise themselves as offering affordable services and attractive deals are good. This is because not all of them comply with the rules and regulations applicable to international trade. Some companies just want to attract more customers by offering promotions and discounts. They may not have much experience and therefore you may not be able to profit from your investment.

To avoid these types of companies, you need to learn how to buy Teslas shares in Kenya. There are also brokers, trading platforms that can help you learn how to buy Tesla shares in Kenya. These brokers maintain relationships with open market companies. They can easily recommend you the best deals on Tesla stock in Kenya. They also specialize in exchanging Tesla shares. With the help of an experienced broker, you will be able to get the most coveted stocks.

Before buying Teslas shares in Kenya, you need to make sure that you are well versed in the trading system, understand the stock charts and related data in order to make the right decisions about your investments.

On our trading platform, you have the opportunity to open a demo account and explore the entire process of investing in stocks. You will receive regular updates on any new developments and changes as part of the promotions. To open a demo account, you need to fill out a form, provide your email address, password and confirm registration. A demo account is the best opportunity to gain experience and knowledge for investing in stocks.

Registrating on the investing platform
Registrating on the investing platform

By opening a demo account on our platform, you will receive 10,000.00 virtual US dollars. You can buy and sell stocks without worrying about losses. You will learn how to make money. You need to have a good understanding of financial reporting and tax law before you can actually invest in Tesla stock in Kenya. This is the only way to avoid losses.

Now that you have enough experience and knowledge, you can start buying Tesla shares with real money.

This requires a small start-up investment - $ 10. And now you are a real investor! In fact, you can buy and sell Tesla shares in Kenya. By investing in stocks through our trading platform, you can be confident in your strengths. Use the acquired knowledge when working with a demo account. A real account can be funded with credit cards, traditional bank transfers, e-wallets. Payment processing takes a very short time. Usually, you can immediately see the money transferred to your trading account.

How to open account
How to open account

The real account brings real profit. Once you receive your first income, you can withdraw money. The minimum amount you can receive is $ 2. The process of withdrawing the received money is very simple and not complicated. Applications are processed from one day for an e-wallet to a week for a bank transfer.

If you have questions or need advice, our platform specialists can help you at any time of the day. Support telephone lines support several languages ​​of the world and will answer your questions.

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