Telefonica is a large corporation operating in the field of telecommunications. The company is located in Spain, its head office is located in the Spanish capital.

The organization is included in the TOP-10 large companies operating in the telecommunications industry. Telefonica's communications are provided under the Movistar brands (in the Spanish state and South America) and O2 in England and Germany. In Brazil, the company provides services under the VIVO brand.

Telefonica was founded in 1924. Before the expansion of the telephony market in 1997, Telefonica had no competitors. And today this company occupies a leading position in the communications sector. Since 1997, the corporation has been privatized by the Spanish government.

Invest in Telefonica shares
Invest in Telefonica shares

For those investors looking for good buy or sell signs, Telefonica is a great place to get started. She consistently outpaces her peers in terms of revenue and profit growth. In particular, Telefonica's core customer service and data services continue to lead the way in consumer retention and satisfaction. In fact, both of these customer segments are responsible for generating the lion's share of their organization's total revenue.

Telefonica is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world in terms of market capitalization and number of customers. The company is well represented in 21 countries and has a worldwide customer base.

The Telefonica Group includes the following subsidiaries:

  • Telefonica Spain - the largest operator of fixed and mobile (under the Movistar brand) communications in Spain, 42 million subscribers, of which 17 million mobile communications (30.8% of the market), 10 million fixed-line communications, 6 million broadband Internet;
  • Telefonica Brazil - owns a controlling stake in the mobile operator Vivo, also owns a fixed-line network and broadband Internet access, 97 million subscribers, of which 73 million are mobile communications (28.4% of the market);
  • Telefonica Hispanoamérica - unites companies in El Salvador, Argentina, Peru, Panama, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Nicaragua and Chile, 135 million subscribers (of which 113 million are mobile);
  • Telefonica United Kingdom - the main activity is mobile communications under the O2 brand;
  • Telefonica Germany - the main activity is mobile communications under the O2 brand, 48 million subscribers, of which 43 million are mobile communications (38.1% of the market);
  • Others - brings together a number of companies in Europe (Spain and the Netherlands) and Latin America (Mexico, Brazil and Argentina).

Telefonica is a 100% registered company with over 1.3 million shareholders, traded in several of the most valuable stock markets around the world.

Information about Telefonica shares
Information about Telefonica shares

The company does not stand still and improves its service. Telefonica intends to radically change the approach to customer service and introduce a virtual assistant in the support service. The development of the project, which was named "Aura", is carried out with the support of American IT giants - Google, Microsoft and Facebook.

How to invest in Telefonica shares in Kenya?

Investing is a great option to increase your income and make your money work. It may seem to many that this is difficult and requires specific skills, but one has only to delve a little deeper into the topic to understand: investments are available to everyone. In order to be successful, you need a sound investment strategy. In this article, we will discuss the basic principles of investing in Telefonica shares.

Investing is a specific area rich in different terms. For successful perception of information and non-stop learning, you should familiarize yourself with the basic concepts in advance. It is worth paying attention not only to general definitions, but also to the main indicators and names of working tools.

Calendar of income shares Telefonica
Calendar of income shares Telefonica

Buying shares requires an investment plan. Your plan might look something like this:

  • Study the type of contributions that are appropriate for your age. The older you are, the more unjustified the risk. You will be less likely to recover from crises and mistakes. You then need a conservative risk-free strategy.
  • Indicate your financial situation. Think about how much money you can spend on investments. Look at the budget, subtract monthly expenses and set the amount that you can give for investment.
  • Determine the risk threshold - this is the rule that determines how much risk the investor is willing to take on.
  • Write goals and preferably in numbers, this will be your guideline, which you will look at and change your strategy if necessary.
  • Select a time frame. In what time frame do you want to achieve your financial goals? This question will help with choosing the type of attachment. They can be long term or short term.
News Telefonica shares
News Telefonica shares

It is also important that you do not invest all your money in 1 company. Diversify your investments to ensure you get a return on every investment you make. This is very important when it comes to long term investments.

A number of investment companies, such as our online brokerage platform, have detailed information on the purchase of Telefonica shares. Such investment is an excellent solution for investors who want to carry out their investment activities remotely. The cost of trading in this way is significantly lower than in personal trading, and allows investors to participate in their favorite company without leaving the table. Moreover, it gives investors the opportunity to check their investments from time to time. Thus, the way to invest in Telefonica shares in Kenya can be very convenient and much easier than you might expect. You just need to register on the platform and start exploring company data using news, charts and quotes.

Telefonica recently started offering a technical analysis tool to help its clients analyze their business, how reliable it is. Telefonica recently started offering metrics such as relative revenue per user (RCU) and relative cost per user, which should be useful tools for technical analysis.

Listed companies publish their financial statements. It is on this basis that shareholders and potential investors can judge how much the company has earned, how it is going to develop its business further, what risks exist. In addition to indicators of revenue, profitability and net profit, there are others in the reporting, the significance of which the novice investor has no idea about. In this case, it is better to turn to professionals. Each brokerage and investment firm has a staff of analysts who specialize in specific sectors and closely monitor the company's financial position. In addition, using various market multiples, they assess the attractiveness of not only the company itself, but also the growth or fall potential of its securities.

How do traders decide which stocks to invest in? Performing technical or fundamental analysis of the stock market. Both of these approaches have the same goal of making a profit. Nevertheless, there are significant differences between technical and fundamental analysis.

Trading conditions for Telefonica shares
Trading conditions for Telefonica shares

Traders who use technical analysis methods in their work study the charts of the market price movement, look for patterns and, on their basis, determine the moment of buying or selling shares. At the same time, they don't care where the market is heading: you can make money both on the rise and on the fall in prices.

Fundamental analysis works differently. The traders who use it don't need charts. Their main goal is to find a dynamically developing company with sufficient financial stability. It is also desirable that the shares, like Twitter are undervalued by the market, that is, their market value is lower than the real one. Investors using fundamental analysis expect long-term profits (minimum 5 years). Therefore, they carefully study the company itself: its niche in the industry, financial stability, development prospects, and so on.

How to buy Telefonica shares in Kenya?

If you want to take part in the stock trading game, then one of the first steps should be to open an online trading account to sell and buy Telefonica or Tesla shares. 

There is a way that you can invest in Telefonica shares without actually risking any money.

You can open a demo account to trade stocks through our online platform. This is where you will first open a virtual account and practice trading until you feel comfortable enough to start trading for real. To do this, $10,000 will be automatically credited to your account. This demo account will give you the opportunity to learn the basics of buying and selling stocks without actually risking your capital. Once you have experience and understanding of how to trade stocks, you can use your own money to invest and open a live account.

Registrating on the investing platform
Registrating on the investing platform

To open a live account, you only need $10 or more, at your discretion. Once you have done this, you will have the opportunity to try out strategies with our trading video. This allows you to know how the platform works without the risk of losing a lot of money. If you want to try out the platform before you start working at full capacity with a trading account, you can test it and see if it suits you.

If you need help buying stock, our company offers a lot of advice on its website. We offer a lot of interesting news and information about the company. This can be very valuable for people who are new to the trading market. You will also find many useful videos and answers to the most frequently asked questions from investors on how to manage your investments, which stocks are better to choose, which technical analysis tools to use, etc.

Select the type of account for work
Select the type of account for work

In addition, we offer you a convenient mobile application, download it, and your investment will always be with you!

As with any investment, always check the purchase price. Never invest more than you can afford. You will never know when the value of the organization will drop. This will help you avoid losing large amounts of money through no fault of your own.

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