Online trading has seen massive growth in recent years. The ability to access the marketplace from anywhere and at almost any time has given most people a chance to experience this world. Understanding how to go about this is the first step in a grand journey and one that leads to many interesting opportunities.

In order to start trading online, users will need to gain access to a platform that can connect them with the marketplace. The IQ Option free download in Kenya is a top method of engaging with the markets, with extraordinary access to all sorts of assets. This is the gateway but discovering just how to gain access to this software is part of the experience.

The first thing the traders of Kenya should look out for is a safe way to download the app. There are ways of using a version within the browser and with IQ Option this works well. However, the best way to access the marketplace is through the IQ Option download for pc, laptop or even mobile. This program, while still online obviously, is a much more streamlined way of connecting to the markets.

There are several different places online where one can find the IQ Option download for windows and other operating systems. Once traders finish downloading and installing the latest version of the apk, they will be asked to create an account. This is essentially just proving that the user is not a robot. After that, it is straight into the action and time to start exploring the many options ahead.

Сreate an account
Сreate an account

Getting the Download Sorted

While it is a straightforward approach to getting the application downloaded, there are definite steps that should be followed. Let’s look at how to download forex trading app IQ Option.

  • Visit the Website. Like with any online interactions, the first thing is to have a stable internet connection and enough data to manage this. To the traders in Kenya this is an easy enough task. Once done, they must then go about connecting to the correct portal online that will have the download visibly awaiting activation.
    Another way of accessing the download trading forex and other options is by simply creating an account or signing in on these portals. When users enter their details into the system, they will be given a prompt to download the app alongside recommendations of why, which we have already covered. This will offer them another way of getting the download going.
  • Installation. The IQ Option app is relatively small in terms of size so the download shouldn’t take too long. Once it is done, simply click the application and follow the prompts. This will setup the program on whatever system the user has chosen. For mobile versions, like iPhone and android users, this can be found at the respective app store. The program is designed to operate smoothly on pretty much any system.
  • Creating an Account. If users have not done this at this point, to download the app, then they can do so now when they launch the installed program. This step is honestly as simple as just inputting their email address and then a chosen password. Remember this password as it will be required to login to the platform and should be complex enough to not be easily guessed.
  • Running the Application. Once these steps have been followed, traders can simply launch the application whenever they want and login to their created account. On pc this requires no further browser interaction but will of course still need a solid internet connection. The program can be made to fill the screen and also minimised to allow for other activities during.
Settings IQ Option
Settings IQ Option

Looking at the IQ Option App

The program IQ Option employs to help users in Kenya access the world’s marketplace is top of the line. It allows smooth connection and seamless integration. Accessible through laptop, pc and even mobile, there are many ways to get things started. Once there, users will discover the wealth of resources and information available to them.

The first prompt that will be presented to those using this app is that of which account to connect to first. This app provides users with a real account and a demo account. The latter operates in much the same manner as that of the real version, only there are no actual risks or rewards involved. The primary purpose of this is to help everyone learn the tricks of the trade without any stresses.

Clients will be able to do many of the activities that the actual version provides but without having to even make an initial deposit. Instead, they will be given a variation that provides them with a virtual $10 000 that they can use to make trades and negotiate the stocks and assets involved. Instantly refillable and completely free, this makes the entry to this realm of trading a far more entertaining one.

The best part of this whole thing is that users can easily and immediately switch to the actual money version and back again. If they forget something during the real version, or simply want to practice something in particular, then they can pop across, do this and then pop right back to try it for real. This kind of experience is invaluable to those looking to develop strong and reliable strategies.

Now on to the Trades

We have addressed all the technical stuff now but let us take a look at what this app has to offer the users from Kenya and the world over. 

The trading present on such a system is very broad and offers a whole medley of alternative methods of engaging with the marketplace
The trading present on such a system is very broad and offers a whole medley of alternative methods of engaging with the marketplace
  • Foreign Exchange. One of the most popular fields of trading is that of Forex. The currency marketplace has the option of trading against currency pairs, matching each against the other. Users can invest in certain pairs, where they are bidding on certain currencies and how they will grow relative to the corresponding currency.
    The important thing to realise is that these currency pairs are valued relative to their counterpart. Even if the one currency grows, if the other one grows more than the pair will still fall. This makes trading with these pairs tricky because one has to monitor both sides of the spectrum. This does also allow for more opportunity because of the available information on each of the pairs.
  • Stock Market. When the layman thinks about trading they will likely think of this marketplace instrument. This consists of investing in the value of particular assets around the world. More direct than most other instruments, traders are simply investing on those assets that they think will see the most growth over the chosen period of time.
  • Cryptocurrency. Similar in a way to Forex, crypto trading revolves around the cryptocurrency marketplace. These digital currencies have seen a bizarre and impressive global integration that is still finding its place in the modern world. They are not traded in pairs but instead work similar to regular assets in that traders can invest in their value and as this grows so does their investment.
  • Trading Options. One of the more unique instruments that IQ Option has available to their clients is that of the binary and digital options. These are interesting trades that work by creating a value proposition with two possible outcomes. Users can bid on the outcome of these and after a specific amount of time the result will be determined and if they select correctly, they win the bid.

The two primary choices here are either binary or digital. Both offer a two choice system but they differ on the length of time involved. Digital options are much shorter time frames and also reward based on the values of the asset. Binary is more simple and longer term. In the binary version, traders can only make a percentage of their investment because the outcome is bipartisan.

More Available Through the App

There are a lot of ways to trade online but it is the way that the systems go about this that really serve to differentiate them. One of the things that highlight the benefits of using the IQ Option platform is that they provide their clients with a whole host of tools and services to aid them in their endeavours.

There is the free demo account, which we have already covered, and serves to provide a great way to practice engaging with the market. Beyond this, there are a whole host of tools to experiment with. These include the method that this app uses to display the markets. The charts and graphs employed by the app allow users to interpret their investments and the changes in these securities.

Alongside the graphical displays, there are graphical tools to help manage these. Graphing tools help track these changes and work to provide better predictive elements. There are measuring instruments and tracking tools that can help monitor these changes.

Another part of the application that serves to assist the clients using it is the various tutorials and webinars. These provide resources and understanding for the trading game. Users can discover strategies and key points of advice that will help them create better results in the marketplace. As clients deposit and invest more, they will open up more access to more advanced webinars to help.

To expand further on this offering, IQ Option has a fantastic support system that is available 24/7. This is a vital system that helps new and experienced users figure out important parts of the process. They can ask questions about the marketplace, the app or any other things they may need assistance with. The application has as many elements involved as is necessary to help users achieve the best possible interaction with the market.

Deposits and Fees

When Kenya users join up with this application and start wanting to trade for real money, they will realise that there is also a very low minimum deposit attached to this application. Starting at just $10, clients can begin their investing expedition and start negotiating with the varieties of instruments.

Along with this low deposit, there are minimum investments of just $1, which means they can start trading as low as this on any of the instruments they select. Now, to make this value even more enticing is the multiplier that the app offers users. This serves as leverage for any investments placed.

For instance, if the bid they place down on say a currency pair from the Forex market is the absolute minimum of just $1, then they can expand this with the multiplier. If they pick a multiplier of 20, then their investment volume is $20. This makes the investment have a much greater impact and as a result a much greater reward possibility. Of course, if these are not successful, then the loss is also multiplied.

It is impossible to build and maintain a system and application as broad and diverse as that offered through IQ Option without any costs. The extensive offering requires upkeep and as a result there are costs involved. For the most part, these fees are kept very low and only really come into play when the users are gaining returns.

One such cost is that of the offered spreads. These are the change in the bid and sell prices. So, if a trader buys some stock at a certain value, when they sell it there will be a marginal difference between the value point and the actual available selling price. These are very small differences and serve more closely as a nominal commission than anything else.

There are also some costs attributed to withdrawals and also to swap fees. The latter is when traders hold their positions overnight or through the weekend. In these instances, the marketplace is actually closed and so the application is providing a service by freezing these investments and then consolidating them when it reopens.

Overall though, there is much more provided through this platform than these costs attached. In the end, traders of Kenya will find they are coming out of this arrangement firmly in the green.

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