In today's world, trading is an opportunity to make money in the stock and exchange markets, relying on your knowledge and analytical skills. In the age of information technology, all you need is a computer or mobile gadget and the desire to become financially independent.

How to become VIP in IQ Option

How to become VIP in IQ Option? Nowadays, a trader requires only a modern smartphone or a laptop. All necessary applications are available in popular shops - Play Market or App Store. 

If you want to open an IQ Option VIP account, the trader should fill in the registration form. In this online questionnaire, the client has to give the required details. Therefore, it is essential to provide all the correct information from the beginning and to check carefully before submitting all the completed data.

IQ Option Online Trading Platform
IQ Option Online Trading Platform

If mistakes are made, or incorrect information is entered, the brokerage company may ask for supporting documents or other information when withdrawing money. 

This procedure is required to ensure that the client is withdrawing his money and not some fraudster or third party.

The subsequent vital requirement for opening an IQ Option VIP account is the minimum deposit and monthly trading turnover of a certain amount.

Some of the IQ Option VIP account criteria may change according to the country. To figure out the current conditions for your country, it is recommended to contact customer support via live chat or by sending an email. 

Registration at IQ Option
Registration at IQ Option

Benefits for VIP account owners

After you know how to be VIP at IQ Option, it is time to learn the benefits of this account:

  • Personal account manager for VIP accounts.

With a VIP account, you get a personal account manager. Your account manager will always be there to help you with any questions you may have. That allows you to focus on trading and obtain help from a specialist. 

  • Free Tournaments at IQ Option.

Another extra for the VIP account holder is the permit to all the tournaments suggested in the IQ Option platform. Furthermore, you can partake in unique tournaments restricted to VIP account holders. 

  • Increased percentage in binary options.

One of the meaningful benefits of VIP account holders over other traders is the higher profitability of successful trades. 

The increased profitability produces it more leisurely to speed up the growth of your account. So even if you have loss-making trades, you'll find it more comfortable to recoup your losses with a few profitable trades than a standard account holder.

Enthusiasm is not the opposite of common sense. It is common sense in motion. So if you want to start trading, you can start now by clicking on the button. 

Why choose the IQ Option platform?
Why choose the IQ Option platform?

What is the IQ Option trading platform?

For the traders' convenience, the Internet has already compiled more than one rating of trading platforms, where IQ Option is one of the leading platforms. 

Essentially, a trading terminal is a set of hardware and software that provides traders with access to information about the state of financial markets, allows them to open or close trades, and records liabilities between the client and the broker that provides access to financial markets.

The trading platform of IQ Option operates only through the World Wide Web and consists of 2 main parts:

  • Broker's server, which is responsible for the supply of quotes to the client terminals of traders, for the execution of trading operations on the requests of broker's clients and maintains the trading accounts of traders;
  • A trading terminal, that is, software that is installed on a trader's PC or mobile gadget.

IQ Option is a trading platform to start your journey into the incredible and extraordinary trading world.

Get access to different types of financial markets
Get access to different types of financial markets

Demo-account as the opportunity that IQ Option offers

Demo-account is a training simulator with virtual money for practising work skills with the trading terminal at the stock, currency and futures markets. You can get a brokerage account with up to 10,000 virtual dollars. 

A demo account is practically the same as a trading account. The only difference is that all profits and losses on a demo account are virtual.

You can open a free demo account right now and start exploring the possibilities of this platform.

The primary purpose of a demo account is to learn how to use the trading platform and gain practical experience in making transactions with no risk for real capital.

Select the type of account for work
Select the type of account for work

What other features does IQ Option offer?

1. Technical analysis.

Technical analysis studies past prices to predict future ones, using different tools - indicators, chart patterns and others. It does not answer the question "why did the price change?", but shows the most probable change in the price based on how the market has behaved over the past period.

The market illustrates the flows of supply and demand that reflect people's hopes and opinions and shape their behaviour on the market. On this basis, technical analysis should use price fluctuations and indicator signals, assuming that their movements will be repeated in the future.

It answers the central question for the trader - whether to buy, sell or not to transact in the selected asset now. 

The IQ Option website has an extensive technical analysis section. You can take advantage of multiple indicators, four charts and timeframes. 

Explore the analytical capabilities of the platform
Explore the analytical capabilities of the platform

2. Fundamental analysis.

While tricky, the other approach - fundamental analysis - is considered by many investors to be more effective. However, as a beginner, it is recommended to know at least the basics.

If you wish to see the whole picture of the market, you will have to add fundamental analysis tools to your arsenal. It is based not only on chart observation but also on tracking global economic and political events.

The IQ Option website has a news feed, which is frequently updated and relevant for traders. 

3. Trader's economic calendar.

The economic calendar, or calendar of economic events, is an indispensable tool trader can use as part of their fundamental analysis. Any strong move in the financial markets begins with news releases, statistics releases, negotiations or force majeure events that happen - all of these will be reflected on the price chart.

The economic calendar is a summary of the indicators of different countries. You can also see the volatility of an event, its relevant, previous and forecasted values. 

This feature is also available on this platform, and you can use it to manage your risk and increase your chances of making a profit. 

What trading tools can you use to earn money on IQ Option?

IQ Option suggests you achievable trading instruments:

  • CFDs on currency pairs.
  • CFDs on shares.
  • CFDs on commodities.
  • CFDs on cryptocurrencies.
  • CFDs on ETFs.

More about CFDs

Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are derivatives that allow investors to speculate on the rise or fall in the price of a particular financial instrument without owning the underlying asset. 

CFDs have grown in popularity in recent years. This financial instrument allows retail traders to invest in various assets, including currencies, shares, indices, and commodities over the Internet, with minimal initial investment through leverage.

Trading CFDs allows investors to use higher leverage than trading traditional assets, which means a lower initial investment is required to open a position in the market.

By trading CFDs, traders can also profit from both rising and falling markets: they can buy (long position opening) and sell (short position opening) an asset, providing more profit potential than traditional investment methods.

Risks that come with trading CFDs

Although trading CFDs has many advantages, it also involves some risks. Given the nature of derivatives and the fact that they are traded on a higher leverage level, inexperienced investors can quickly lose all of their invested capital.

Learn how to use stop orders
Learn how to use stop orders

Therefore, it is recommended that investors fully understand the intricacies of derivatives trading and the risks involved. 

Developing a risk management strategy before entering the market and testing it on a demo account is very important to form an effective strategy in a risk-free environment.

Trader's skills

To become a successful trader, it is not enough to be willing. People come to the exchange market with glowing eyes and a great desire to earn, but many leave nothing. Why is it so? Psychology plays a vital role in successful trading. However, knowledge of the technical aspects of trading will not protect you from mistakes and distortions in the perception of reality when opening a position. That is why beginners need to be developed by beginners to become successful in this business:

  • Discipline. The work of a trader is painstaking. Before the next day of trading on the exchange, a beginner has to manage to do a lot: to analyze the performed deals, to correct the strategy for the next day, if necessary, to study additional information, choose an assumption to be checked. It is important to observe strict time management to have enough time to do all that. Throughout the day, you need to stay focused and concentrated.
  • Stress tolerance. It is impossible to make only profitable deals. Everyone who dreams of learning trading must accept this idea. And because human psychology is prone to perceive the loss of a certain amount of money twice as hard as its acquisition, it is not surprising that most people quickly give up trading on the exchange market, not achieving success. 

Understanding that every mistake is an experience is complex for many. The good news is that stress tolerance can be trained.

  • Rationalism. There is no room in trading for words like "I think" or "I believe". A good trader can always explain why they opened a position and exited it. To do so, it must have utterly devoid of emotions and a logical reason based on knowledge, strategy, and not faith or intuition. Careful selection of ideas and critical perception are crucial skills for a trader. 
The number of active users of the platform is constantly growing
The number of active users of the platform is constantly growing

What's important

Many people see the typical trader as a millionaire in a movie, who only spends his vast fortune and works a couple of hours a day. Yes, this is possible, but not immediately. Only the most persistent and persistent traders, ready to invest a lot of effort and energy, will reach the top. Basically, this is the secret to success in any business.

You can try your hand at trading by opening a real account now. The primary convenience is the minimum deposit amount - from $10. 

Choose a convenient way to transfer funds to the account
Choose a convenient way to transfer funds to the account


Trading is a great way to grow your capital. But it involves a great deal of risk. To minimize the risks, you will need good preparation, knowledge of money-management rules, and a continuous improvement strategy. 

The risks can be minimized by knowing what trading is and how financial markets work. We have provided the general points. The rest you will find in specialized guides and learn through regular practice. Currencies, securities, precious metals, cryptocurrencies - there are good earning prospects for trading any asset. 

In addition, there is an extensive training section on the platform, which you can always take advantage of. 

The world belongs to enthusiasts who can keep their cool. So believe in your strength and keep adding to your knowledge, then success is sure to follow!

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose