Financial giant Equifax is one of the most recognizable names in the banking industry. It has been around since the early 20th century and remains a powerful firm today. And like all great companies, it has experienced its share of ups and downs over time.

Equifax is one of the three largest credit reporting agencies in the United States. It is known for providing credit data to important financial institutions such as banks, mortgage companies, credit unions, and other financial institutions. The international mission is to help the client understand their credit history and the importance of keeping it in good health. For this purpose, they have developed a number of solutions that improve the management of customer information.

Invest in Equifax shares
Invest in Equifax shares

Equifax operates or has investments in 24 countries in the Americas, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Equifax beat consensus by as much as 25 percent last year, according to reputable sources. Equifax technical analysts expect this year's revenues to be at the highest level compared to the previous year. Even with a slow start to the year, Equifax continues to be the safest choice among the huge pool of credit bureaus. This is in no small part due to the consistently high degree of leadership from both the CEO and CFO.

The decisive variable driving Equifax's profit growth was the growth in credit card sales. This was mainly driven by strong demand for Equifax and other well-known brands from customers in the US and abroad. This strong demand was supported by numerous factors, including the holiday season and climatic conditions, which led to increased travel and leisure costs. However, in addition to the aforementioned elements, profits will depend on the current global economic environment, the ongoing effects of the international credit crisis, along with other elements that may have an impact on corporate profits and bottom line. Therefore, one should continue to monitor Equifax progress and be aware of any changes that may occur in terms of perspective. After all, you must know what you are investing in.

Information about Equifax shares
Information about Equifax shares

There were also failures in the company, which today have led to an improvement in the technical security of the company, and drew attention to its weaknesses. The data breach reported by Equifax in September 2017 is one of the largest in history. The payout of $650 billion is broadly in line with the company's expectations. Equifax reported in its most recent financial statement that it has set aside $690 million to cover potential expenses in the case.

The company has already spent hundreds of millions of dollars on improving technology systems and providing free services to affected customers.

How to invest in Equifax shares in Kenya?

It is important that you know how to invest in Equifax shares in Kenya before choosing your investment plan. This is because there are many investment alternatives for all tastes. For example, you can choose between bonds, stocks, options, and even commodities like gold. Everyone can choose a variant of the investment strategy based on their lifestyle, plans, free time, and the amount of finances. This is why it is so important to find something for yourself and develop your own plan.

Your plan might look something like this:

  1. Choose an investment option that is appropriate for your age. The younger you are, the more justified the risk. You have more time to recover from setbacks in market downturns, crises and mistakes.

  2. Determine your current financial position. Be aware of what kind of income you have. Determine how much money you can allocate for investment. Look at the budget, subtract monthly expenses and set the amount that is available for investment.

  3. Set your personal risk threshold. Risk threshold is a rule that determines how much risk an investor is willing to take on.

  4. Set goals. The idea behind goal setting is to hold and manage assets in a long-term strategy with a clear understanding of why you need it.

  5. Choose a time frame for the goals. In what time frame do you want to achieve your financial goals? This question will help with choosing the type of investment. They can be long term or short term.

Before you make an investment, you must consider the level of risk and liquidity that you are willing to accept. By using the trading platform, you can get a better understanding of how each share is priced and what you can expect to get from each investment.

Stock earnings calendar
Stock earnings calendar

When considering long-term equity investments in Equifax, you should first study the company and its fundamental analysis. You will need to do a little research into the background of any company you decide to invest in. This will include looking at how long the company has been around, how its stock prices have changed over time, and how much profit they have made.

Equifax shares can be bought using short-term investment strategies. It is more unsafe, but the profitability is higher. In this case, data charts, indicators will be important for you, you can analyze them on our platform. These are candlestick charts, moving average indicators. MACD and others. This data is intended to help you understand where the stock price is moving and make the right choice to buy or sell. Such investments can be for 1 day or month. But in general, short-term investments are usually called investments up to a year.

Buying shares is almost always a long-term investment. You need to take a close look at the various variables that affect the value and price of Equifax shares. 

You should also learn the basic concepts of the forex market and working with the terminal on the brokerage platform so that you are more prepared to choose when to sell and buy Equifax  or Intel shares shares in order to make a profit. Never forget that no matter what investment strategy you are pursuing, you need to diversify your portfolio so that no stock takes all your money.

Trading conditions
Trading conditions

Many believe that short-term investments should only be accepted if they have a little money. If you cannot afford to keep Equifax for a very long time, there is no point in buying one now. Your intent is to make a long term investment that will provide you with greater returns. Your future income from such investments will be largely determined by the equity value of your portfolio.

Never forget that it is impossible to make any long term investment accurately and efficiently. It takes a lot of work to learn how to invest in Equifax shares in Kenya. Once you find a reliable source of information, spend some time researching. Learn basic information about the business and the products and services it provides. Study the trading and financial history of the company and its stocks. You will need to find out the financial condition of this company before making any investment.

Investing in Equifax stock is much easier if you stick with a reputable agent, and we have a good track record for finding fantastic investments in your portfolio. We already have more than a million active users, most likely our online brokerage platform will be useful for you as well.

How to buy Equifax shares in Kenya?

Among the first things you should do while learning how to buy Equifax shares is to see the broker's website and understand the existing stock market. Our platform will provide you with trading quotes so that you can better understand how the company's shares are doing on the open market. In addition, you can customize the data graphs for yourself in such a way that they meet exactly your needs. For example, by setting the desired timeframe, you will see the data for the period of time that is right for you.

Also, after registering, you will get access to video tutorials that will answer many of your questions and give you an understanding of the market as a whole.

Registrating on the investing platform
Registrating on the investing platform

Whenever you're looking at how to buy stock, you should be especially interested in how the company does business. Focus on more reliable stocks that might have more potential for long-term expansion.

If you are new to trading, then you should consider using a demo account. This account is just like a stock trading platform and is a great place to get started before you choose which stocks you would like to trade in the live market.

The demo account allows you to use the software to exchange shares through your computer. You don't have to stand in the stock market to exchange; instead, you can execute all your trades from your PC at home. Trading on a demo account is no different from real trading, exactly the same trading terminal is used as in real trading. You get the same quotes, you can place and withdraw orders, receive reports on deals, news, etc. All this 24 hours a day! Only virtual money. You get invaluable knowledge and experience completely free of charge, without risking anything! You will have $10,000, and you can use them and learn from them, but the profit cannot be withdrawn from this account.

Select the type of account for work
Select the type of account for work

If you are confident in your abilities, we advise you to immediately open a real trading account. Moreover, we have a minimum deposit of only $10. You can top up your account with a large amount, it all depends on your ambitions and experience.

Install our mobile app and keep your stocks in your pocket. You will be able to understand how things are, even if you do not have access to a PC.

There are many advantages to trading through an online trading platform. First, you won't have to leave your seat to buy something. You can buy and sell stocks at any time of the day or night. Secondly, this is all the information you need in one place, and thirdly, it's safe! Registration is free, try it, and you will definitely succeed!

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