There are many conditions around the world that affect the market and economies of every country. Dealing with and learning these changes makes learning how to use IQ Option app an extremely powerful tool for users everywhere. Kenya is one of the lucky ones that can pick up this opportunity immediately if they wanted to gain access to the marketplace.

With the turbulence in the economies everywhere, online trading and the different options available there has quickly become one of the most popular ways of engaging with the market. With the long list of instruments to access in such a place, now is the time to ask how to use IQ Option app and start learning all about the aspects covered with a variety of good content.

Kicking Off Trading Online

The first thing the clients will want to do is head across and find where to download IQ Option app. The reason for this is that it makes running the program and making the trades much smoother. This helps for a slower internet connection as well as slower processing capabilities when this can be vital to keeping the experience operating as fast as necessary.

The upside of using such a legit, high standing app is that there are also things like the mobile version that can be downloaded on the phone from the app store. With a good phone this can run very well and is a good way to handle multiple trades at once or access the marketplace when very busy. These sorts of things help to get more people in the market and often helps to demonstrate how does IQ Option app work.

Clients must put in an email address and create a password to sign into the app. This is crucial security measures that will help protect funds and other from gaining access. The security is important to this group and is well looked after so that clients won’t even need to wonder is IQ Option app safe. 

There is a quick response support team that can also help to sign up and login, especially if users forget login details or something like this in the beginning.

Once signed into the app, traders from Kenya can browse the long list of different instruments and tools. There are a lot of resources for clients to be found in the trade room and much practice to be had.

The trading present on such a system is very broad and offers a whole medley of alternative methods of engaging with the marketplace
The trading present on such a system is very broad and offers a whole medley of alternative methods of engaging with the marketplace

First Steps to Take on the App

For any new clients that haven’t traded online before, there are certain things that can help get the ball rolling at the start. These are provided freely and help learn the ropes of what can and cannot be done on this system. So, let’s discover just what is the IQ Option app.

  • Free Demo. One of the very first things clients should look at is the free demo that can be found on this app. It is presented immediately when starting the account and can be switched between for the entire time that it is being used. So, clients can pick up some skills with the practice mode and then switch to the main mode which has real money inside.
    Every user gets unlimited amounts in their practice balance, which refills to $10 000 but cannot be used anywhere else or withdrawn. It is purely for learning but can be very good at understanding some of the trades and getting to know parts of the market and how quickly these things can change.
  • Free Webinars. There are a lot of freely available resources for the clients to take advantage of. Videos and tutorials that can provide more perspective and insight into the marketplace and everything else that one can do in this trade room. The more clients deposit into their accounts to make trades, the more access there is to greater videos and expert advice.
  • Open Layout. Something that the Kenya trading person will discover straight away is that there is an easy and intuitive design to the pc app. Even on mobile, for android and iPhone mobiles, there is graphical displays and dynamic charts that track the assets and securities in little windows. Users can change their focus and depth of observation by zooming right into a single marketplace within a narrow time frame.
    At the click of a button they can also check on up to four of their current trades happening right now. Each of these they can then manage and interact with, while making changes and decision based on each other. This type of flexibility makes creating innovative strategies much more appealing to do for those that are willing to give it a try.
Check up to four of your current trades happening right now
Check up to four of your current trades happening right now
  • More Tools. Besides these added benefits of the IQ Option app, there are also a range of side tools to review that help draw a clearer picture of the market for those using it. These can be easily accessed from the main trade room, either on the real or practice accounts. They include measurement tools and graphical ones that help plot out the paths of some of the marketplace mannerisms.
  • Support System. Built right into the app is access to the efficient and friendly support system that the clients can harness. The strength of this is generally pretty clear, providing help in most matters users might have during the course of their trading experience. They can even ask questions about strategy and get pointers on how to improve their marketplace game.

Low Deposits and Investments

A big reason many online traders pick IQ Option as a broker is the low deposit requirements to start trading for real money. For just $10, clients from around the world can get in on the action. This is the lowest available deposit value but can be further divvied up for the investments. Users are able to invest as low as $1 on certain instruments, meaning they can really get quite a bit out of that initial deposit.

The best part of starting low with apps like these is that they have access to leverage. In the case of this one, there is a multiplier attached to most of the available assets. Clients will find that these multipliers can increase the size of their investment without them having to contribute anymore money. This also increases the risk involved in such an endeavour, creating a rapidly more significant investment.

The Trading Possibilities

Once Kenya has started exploring the various components within reach, they can turn their attention toward the variety of instruments available to trade with. These are where the bulk of one’s focus will be when negotiating trades.

  • Forex. Foreign exchange is one of the most popular of all the trading instruments. The general approach to this is through currency pairs which compare the values of currencies against each other. The growth of these pairs are relative to each other and move within these parameters. Clients can buy or sell within this market and across the wide range of assets up for trade.
    Within these trades, users can affect the amount they choose to invest as well as the multiplier effecting it. The latter part of this is the leverage provided by the IQ Option app which serves to boost the amount of investment placed on the trade. Volume is this total amount combined, displayed just above the available pip value which is the smallest movement.
  • Stocks. The standard buy and sell marketplace is also available through this app. With plenty of assets to trade with, users from Kenya can experience the global exchange of these and profit off their shifting values. These trades also work through an investment amount and multiplier which equates to the resulting volume being traded.
    The upside of this section of the app is that these are inherently more direct and specific assets, so clients can better use the information they acquire from the system to improve results. Essentially, the companies up for trade can be researched through the app and other outlets to estimate their direction. An easier task than comparing currency pairs that have more indicators affecting them.
  • Cryptocurrency. This is a slightly newer collection of assets up for trade. Clients can select from all the top cryptocurrencies and track their movements on the graphs included. These operate like most normal assets, however can carry a greater spread which makes it harder to predict certain trends. Crypto has a few other rules that apply strictly to this form of asset, affecting the likes of withdrawals and deposits.
  • Options. There are also the binary and digital options associated with IQ Option and their online app. These have seen rapid growth in popularity over the last little while. This is likely due to their unique approach to trading as well as the variety expressed on this platform. These are particularly notable trades because they only have to possible outcomes.
    Users are tasked with creating these situations and then predicting on the outcome they think is most likely. This is a fun way of changing the experience generally associated with the marketplace. The primary difference between binary and digital is the time available to each of them. This has a significant bearing on the results of such trades, simple as they are prone to be.

Regulations and Extra Fees

Online trading programs bear a significant responsibility when it comes to handling large markets and significant trades and investments. This means a lot of money rolling around and with it a lot of trust is required from all the clients using the system. As such, and because of the international requirements for these online systems, there are regulatory bodies that check and assess these sorts of apps and test their platforms.

Like with any app, mobile or otherwise, there are often additional costs involved with presenting it to the users. This means that IQ Option requires some return from their operations and go about this in a very enticing manner. Essentially, their goal is to improve and motivate their clients to make more successful trades and then take a small fee out of transactions, like certain withdrawals.

There are also things like swap fees that are mostly for the day traders. These charge costs for holding asset positions overnight. This increases over the weekend and is an important part of any trading system. This allows for longer positions to be taken on certain assets and instruments.

There are also the spreads applied to many different trades. This works by creating a small difference between the buy and sell values such that the platform can gain some profit out of certain transactions. These are nominal and are often a part of most of these sorts of systems because of the non-intrusive way they go about it.

Making Deposits and Withdrawals in Kenya

Many Kenyan traders will likely be wondering how the deposit and withdrawal system actually works. As mentioned above, the cheapest deposit candidate is just $10, with investments working as low as $1. This deposit predicament is facilitated by the many online eWallets and transaction services.

Fortunately, IQ Option accepts a wide range of different eWallets and payment services for their clients around the world. This includes credit card brands like VISA, Mastercard and Maestro. Along with a whole heap of eWallets, this makes getting going for any international traders a walkin the park.

On top of this, IQ Option even accepts deposits made with Bitcoin. There are even certain banks that are directly linked, but these are few and far between still. The withdrawal options are much the same, and for certain channels there are additional costs. Most of the more popular payment services can manage these transactions without much or any costs at all.

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose