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What is a cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is any type of digital or virtual currency that protects transactions through encryption (cryptography). Digital coins are not issued or regulated by a central authority. Transactions are registered and new units are issued in a decentralized manner.

Bitcoin was the first virtual currency and still remains the most famous. Trading such coins with the right approach makes a profit. Since it is a volatile asset, many people manage to play in their favor on rapidly changing prices.

IQ Option Online Trading Platform
IQ Option Online Trading Platform

How to trade cryptocurrency?

You might be wondering how to trade cryptocurrency in a secure manner. It normally follows a three-step process.

Step 1: Decide on a platform.

The first step is to decide on a platform. A trading platform or a crypto-exchange are usually your options.

  • Exchange. There are numerous digital exchanges, each with its own set of cryptocurrencies, wallet storage, and interest-bearing account options, among other things. Depending on the assets traded, several exchanges incur fees.

When evaluating exchanges, consider the types of currencies exchanged, fees charged, security features, storage and withdrawal options, and training materials.

  • These are online brokers that allow you to trade digital assets as well as traditional financial assets such as stocks, commodities and ETFs using CFDs.These platforms usually have lower trading commissions, but they don't have as many Bitcoin features.
Get access to different types of financial markets
Get access to different types of financial markets

If you want to trade digital assets, you can utilize contracts for difference as a way to get started (CFDs). A CDF is an agreement between two parties—the seller and the buyer—to transfer the difference between an asset's current value and its future value (at contract inception) (at contract closing). To do so, open the trading interface and place an order to purchase or sell an asset. CFDs are used in trading, and transactions can be conducted for both the buying and trading cryptocurrency. This is a significant advantage over traditional coin trading. This expands the range of efficient trading methods available to you and allows you to trade both falling and rising markets.

Step 2: Add funds to your account.

The next step after choosing a cryptocurrency trading platform is to fund your account so that you can start trading. Most crypto-exchanges, depending on the platform, allow users to buy digital currency for fiduciary (government-issued) currencies such as the US dollar, British pound, euro, and when paying with debit or credit cards.

Step 3: Orders are placed in the third step.

Orders can be placed through the broker's or exchange's website or mobile app. To purchase cryptocurrencies, pick the "Buy" option, the order type, the quantity of cryptocurrency to be purchased, and confirm the order. A sales order is placed in the same way.

In addition, it is necessary to refer to the theory. For example, read scientific literature on trading, listen to lectures on this topic, take relevant courses, get acquainted with technical and fundamental analysis. All this will help not only to see ups and downs in asset prices on the charts, but also to try to predict them. 

Buying and trading cryptocurrency on IQ Option: the advantages 

In general, many believe that any trading operations through a brokerage platform are more attractive and profitable for both beginners and experienced traders. It is important to understand that this is about trading, not investment.

Registration at IQ Option
Registration at IQ Option

The following are the obvious benefits of using a trading platform: 

  • There is no need to open a wallet to keep money or to research other specialist topics. 
  • Trading through a broker does, in fact, eliminate the need to read a lot of technical material. All that is required is the capacity to evaluate charts.
  • A single trading platform allows you to trade all assets, including forex and digital assets, at the same time. Exchanges, on the other hand, allow users to trade solely cryptocurrencies. The Bitcoin trading platform provided by the exchange is frequently limited in functionality and inconvenient to use.
  • Security. Trading using established trading platform rather than crypto exchanges is far safer. Many exchanges have been hacked, resulting in the theft of traders' cash.
  • You need a small amount of capital to fully trade. The minimum deposit is only $10, transactions can be made from $1.
  • A full demo account with $10,000 of virtual funds on it. Just register and start using such an account for free.
Select the type of account for work
Select the type of account for work

There are a few extra advantages that are exclusive to this broker. The company has a long history on the market and has established credibility and recognition. Traders can also take advantage of exceptionally attractive trading conditions and simple deposit and withdrawal options. You can eventually achieve profitable market trading by alternating theoretical knowledge with practical skills and competence. Many traders' outcomes can far exceed even the most optimistic predictions. For a trader, the financial market offers limitless opportunities. It's critical not to be hesitant to take advantage of these possibilities. 

Why choose the IQ Option platform?
Why choose the IQ Option platform?

How is cryptocurrency applied?

Cryptocurrencies are handled in a blockchain, a distributed public registry where the currency's holders keep and update records of all transactions.

Mining is the method through which coins are created. This is a method of creating coins that involves the use of computer processing power to solve complex mathematical problems. Crypto wallets can also be used to buy money from brokers and then store and spend it.

Cryptocurrency is a key that permits a record or unit to be transferred from one person to another without the use of a trusted third party. 

Crypto-payments are only available digitally in an online database that details specific transactions. Since the process data is stored on multiple devices at the same time, no bank, government agency or private group can control the coin or influence the transactions made in the system. Such information is difficult to forge or change at the request of one person, implying that the coin is protected from cybercriminals.

They do not include transactions with material money, which have real possibilities of circulation and exchange. When money is exchanged for digital currency, the transaction is recorded in a public ledger. At the same time, digital wallets are used to store coins.

The most popular coins
The most popular coins

Cryptocurrency trading: which virtual currency to invest in?

No long-term bull market can be with a single leader. There are periodic changes when the leader enters a correction and others take the lead. This is exactly the kind of rotation that is currently taking place in the cryptocurrency markets. The most famous of them are listed below:

Ethereum (ETH)

ETH is the virtual currency on which Ethereum runs. It is a decentralized software platform that allows you to create and run smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps). Ethereum is not just a platform, but a Turing-complete programming language.

In fact, with multiple growth drivers, it has the most compelling case for a bullish outlook for the industry. This is primarily due to the upcoming ETH 2.0 update, which will play a crucial role in the expansion of decentralized finance (DeFi).

The update is expected to roll out by 2022 and marks the evolution of the platform from a Proof-of-Work model to a Proof-of-Stake model. The main goals of the upgrade are to make the platform more efficient, reliable and secure.

Moreover, it will facilitate the expansion of DeFi projects, which will continue to grow at an aggressive pace. With its upcoming update and DeFi relevance, it could potentially knock Bitcoin from its position.


Bitcoin, in many senses, is the crypto-industry for most investors. Created in 2009, the digital asset has revolutionized the financial world and has become a household name.

The rapid development of the Internet-oriented economy is generating an unprecedented interest in electronic money, currencies and new payment technologies.

The rapid development of the Internet-oriented economy generates an unprecedented interest of users in electronic money and currencies, as well as new technologies for making payments. Finally, investors are attracted by Bitcoin's high volatility. If initially Bitcoin's audience consisted of young people who are interested in computer technology, nowadays Bitcoin is of interest to speculative investors along with securities and derivatives. 

Bitcoin has had an extremely prosperous year in 2021. It is valued at almost $900 billion on the stock market. It is responsible for more than 40% of the Bitcoin market's value. 

Trade cryptocurrencies on a convenient platform
Trade cryptocurrencies on a convenient platform


Litecoin has been dubbed "the Bitcoin of cryptocurrencies." Mostly because it functions similarly to Bitcoin and works as a peer-to-peer money system that emphasizes decentralization and security. Because of the quick confirmation of the transaction, it was believed to be the ideal commercial digital asset for paying for services and goods in stores. While it is comparable to the Bitcoin system, the hashing algorithm is different.

To prioritize high transaction speed and efficiency, Litecoin adopts a proof of work (PoW) mining model. Unlike Bitcoin, this means that even home computers can mine Litecoin. In the end, Litecoin is a blockchain in which participating nodes execute transactions and miners offer security and verification in a transaction registry.

TRONIX (TRX) trading on a cryptocurrency trading platform 

In brief, it is a decentralized blockchain-based platform whose main goal is the efficient distribution of unique digital content. This is achieved by using distributed storage technologies, smart contracts and Tronix's own tokens (TRX).

The main goal of the project is considered to be the elimination of intermediaries in the process of unique content exchange. What the traditional situation looks like. There is a big intermediary company. It takes money from both the authors, who put up with it their content, and from users who want to get acquainted with this content. Plus monetization, plus a percentage for advertising, plus various fees and transaction costs. So, the authors receive a small part of what users want to pay them.

The TRON project is a decentralized platform. Authors can contact users directly. This increases speed of work, gives more effective feedback, reduces losses on transactions. Users also benefit from this less annoying advertising, easier to encourage selected creators.

From a technical sense, the trading process is pretty simple. To begin trading, you must first open an account with one of the exchanges or brokers, then fund it. It is more difficult to put the trading procedure into action. To trade profitably, it is critical to understand market fundamentals as well as technical analysis methodologies.

You can open an account with the company by clicking the link below. It should just take a few minutes to complete this task. After that, you can immediately begin trading on both a demo and actual account. Try it!

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose