Agree, how quickly all kinds of cryptocurrencies burst into our lives and literally forced the world community to talk about them, write various articles, predict rising and falling prices, and most importantly, acquire them in order to further enrich themselves. And then a completely reasonable question arises: “Where do you store them all”? We know a lot about the storage of such cryptographic currencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum only because they are the most common. But what about such promising coins as NEO, TRON or Stellar? Not to mention the new, literally just appeared, but already promising altcoins. Coinpayments is a cryptocurrency wallet that supports a huge number of types of coins, and today we present you a CoinPayments Wallet review and explain how to use CoinPayments Wallet.

Users are often interested in where it is better to keep this or that coin for the “long term”. Unfortunately, many people, not knowing about the development and release of special multi-currency wallets, are forced to store coins on exchanges. And this is not safe, the exchange may close at any time and all your savings will be lost forever.

Our CoinPayments Wallet review was written to help you understand the issue of storing digital currencies, both "old" and completely new, and we really hope that it will be useful to you.

CoinPayments Wallet review
CoinPayments Wallet review

Basic information 

  • Start of work: 2014.
  • Category: multi-currency crypto wallet.
  • Security: it is possible to enable two-factor authentication for the security of your wallet; in addition, the developers have implemented the "Safe" function, which allows you to "lock" individual currencies, thereby providing additional security to your coins.
  • API: API information is in this section.
  • Serving over 100,000 merchants worldwide.
  • Available languages: Russian, German, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Hungarian, Persian, Marathi, Chinese, Japanese, Korean.
  • Interface: the wallet is very simple and intuitive, and there are no problems when working with it; SSL protection, GreenBar.
  • Customer support: on the site, as elsewhere, there is a "Frequently Asked Questions" section, which discusses the main questions that may arise during work, if the answer to your question was not found there, then the technical support service is ready to help you find the best solution.
  • Cryptocurrencies: store more than 2280 cryptocurrencies in one place!
  • Fees: Coinpayments bills itself as the “lowest fee” wallet with only 0.5% transfer fees.
  • Affiliate program: available; according to the terms of the affiliate program, for help in gaining popularity within 5 years, you will be paid 25% of the commission fees of the partner you invited.
  • Mobile service: applications for IOS and Android were developed and launched.
CoinPayments Wallet offers safe and secure storage of founds
CoinPayments Wallet offers safe and secure storage of founds

Coinpayments - what type of wallet? 

There are several different types of wallets and many solutions for each type.

The debate about cold and hot wallets is almost as old as cryptocurrencies themselves, and as often happens in such debates, the answer is that the best one depends only on the user himself.

A cold wallet is one that is only connected to the internet for the few seconds it takes to complete a transaction.

Coinpayments is a hot currency wallet with a permanent internet connection. They are mobile, desktop or can work directly from the browser. They allow you to instantly buy or sell coins and tokens without the need for additional settings.

The pros are:

  • fast transactions
  • support for a large number of cryptocurrencies
  • ideal for beginner miners who do not have large amounts
CoinPayments Wallet has 13 useful features
CoinPayments Wallet has 13 useful features

Supported Cryptocurrencies 

The system supports a lot of digital currencies, the most famous of them are:

  • Bitcoin Wallet (BTC)
  • Ethereum Wallet (ETH)
  • Litecoin Wallet (LTC)
  • Ripple Wallet (XRP)
  • Monero Wallet (XMR)
  • Tron (TRX ) Wallet
  • EOS Wallet
  • Dash Wallet
  • Dogecoin Wallet (DOGE)
  • Wallet Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Bitcoin SV Wallet (BSV)
  • Digibyte Wallet (DGB)
  • Komodo Wallet (KMD)
  • Lisk Wallet (LSK)
  • NEO Wallet
  • Qtum Wallet
  • Steem Wallet
  • Waves Wallet Wallet
  • NEM (XEM)
  • ZCash Wallet
  • Wallet Stratis (STRAT) 
  • Wallet PIVX
  • Wallets with ERC20 tokens
  • And other
Advantages of CoinPayments Wallet
Advantages of CoinPayments Wallet

Wallet pros  

  • The main advantage is the support of a huge number of currencies, including new altcoins.
  • Ensuring security for entering your wallet and carrying out any operations using 2FA (receiving one-time passwords by email or in the Google Authenticator app is connected).
  • Additional protection for your coins with the "Safe" option. It works like this: you close the coins in the safe and they can no longer be spent or transferred anywhere. To remove the restriction, you need to click "Unbroken" and wait for the amount of time you specified when closing the coins. You can still receive currency on your wallet.
  • Ability to exchange one coin for another within the platform with low fees for the service.
  • Сoinpayments supports the BitGo™ Instant function, which significantly reduces the time for transactions with Bitcoin.
  • Auto-Sweep feature allows you to set recurring payments. By enabling and configuring this option, the system will automatically transfer your coins to the specified address at a certain time.
  • A special section for sellers has been developed where you can connect a lot of useful and interesting "chips" up to placing a "button" on your website.
  • It will be very useful for sellers to receive payments in fiat directly to bank accounts. Valid for USA and Europe only.
  • The site has a section "Directory of stores" divided into categories in which goods are placed and you can buy them for cryptocurrency.
  • Mobile wallet app support for IOS and Android users.
  • A stingy F.A.Q section that addresses no more than 10 basic questions.
  • Coinpayments had an unpleasant incident with the theft of Ripple coins from customers' wallets, which affected the reputation of the wallet.
  • Quite conflicting reviews on the network may repel newbies interested in storing electronic currencies in Coinpayments.
  • Platform translation leaves much to be desired.

Wallet cons 

  • The F.A.Q section contains a small number of questions (about 10), but this section is expanded periodically.
  • There was an unpleasant incident with coin theft. But later, security measures were strengthened to avoid such cases.
  • On the network you can find reviews about wallet inconveniences. However, if you understand them all, then you will surely appreciate the quality and functionality of the wallet, like thousands of other users around the world.

How to use CoinPayments Wallet in Kenya? 

Let's start, of course, with registration in the system. 

  • We go to the official website and click "Register". The following window will open in front of you, in which you will have to enter your login, the current email address (a link will be sent to it to confirm your registration) and repeat it, then enter the password that you will come up with.

We recommend that you use a special program to generate a complex and unique password, which will be extremely difficult to crack.

  • Next, you must specify your time zone, check the box that you accept the terms and conditions of the service, enter the captcha and click "Register". In the received letter, follow the link to confirm the validity of the registration and that's it, now you can go to the wallet.

You will see that after entering your login and password, you will have to enter your mailbox again and copy the one-time login code from the letter sent to you by the system. This means that two-factor authentication works and turns on automatically after you register. You can change the way you receive passwords in the section "Account" - "Account settings" - "Login and security".

  • After entering the password, we successfully log into the Coinpayments system and see the following window. We need a regular wallet, click "Select". There are two options here, you can click "Select" under the "Wallet" section and you will see a whole list of currencies. In it you will find the ones you need and create a wallet for each of them. Or you can choose "$PayByName" and create a single, unique wallet for all cryptocurrencies at once, but this service is paid.

If you chose "Wallet", then keep in mind that you can always purchase the "PayByName" option in the appropriate section.

  • So, by clicking on the wallet selection, you will see a large list of available currencies, the “Balance” column displays the balance of your coins in a currency that you can choose yourself (RUB, USD, BTC and many others).
Deposit and withdrawal are safe and easy with  Coinpayments Wallet
Deposit and withdrawal are safe and easy with Coinpayments Wallet

How to send coins?

In order to send someone a certain amount of coins, let's say Ripple needs to click on the "XRP Options" button and select "Send / Withdraw Funds". In the new window, enter the details of the recipient and click "Request withdrawal/transfer". If you have not removed confirmation of the request for operations in your account settings, then a message will be sent to your mail containing a link to confirm this operation.

How to get currency? 

In order to receive Ripple cryptocurrency to the wallet, click "XRP Options", select "Make a deposit / receive" and get the address to which we make the Ripple transfer and the destination tag.

CoinPayments Wallet  is a fast and friendly payment network
CoinPayments Wallet is a fast and friendly payment network

We remind you about the possibility of enabling the "Safe" option, by activating which you will not be able to withdraw coins from the wallet, but continue to receive them. Before turning on the safe, be sure to select how many hours after turning it off you will again be able to withdraw cryptocurrencies.

Summing up, we can safely say that CoinPayments Wallet in Kenya is a pretty good option for storing a large number of types of currencies and is literally full of various improvements and additional features! CoinPayments - necessary and useful. You just have to go through a simple registration process and immerse yourself in a functional, user-friendly product! Take action! We wish you success!

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose