Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic and related blockages, live streaming of music concerts and sporting events has proven incredibly popular. But for some live broadcasts, the quality is poor. Content creators strive for high quality, but existing technology cannot fully match what people want to achieve. This can be a problem, especially when people pay to view the stream and suffer from poor image quality and buffering.

What is Theta?

THETA network is a blockchain-based decentralized video streaming platform. The theta network and protocol solve various problems facing the video streaming industry today.

Theta is developed by an eminent team of professionals with over 30 years of experience in the video streaming industry. The team consists of more than 14 people, led by Mitch Liu and many media consultants. Theta team has entered into several important partnerships, including with Twitch, that allow viewers to earn Theta by sharing their bandwidth for broadcast streams.

Theta cryptocurrency
Theta cryptocurrency

Theta's main advantages:

  • A strong development team with many years of experience, industry knowledge and successful cases.
  • Support for major investors and world-famous technology companies.
  • Having its own customer base, thanks to which the platform does not enter into meaningless competition with existing social networks.
  • An effective system of rewards for network members.
  • Providing high quality streaming video.
  • Significant reduction in the cost of video delivery.
  • Own blockchain.
  • A forward-looking idea that addresses existing industry challenges and fosters a profitable interaction between content creators and viewers.

In just a few years, video content will not be able to fully meet the demand for high-quality video, because it will face serious technological constraints and colossal costs of renting and maintaining network infrastructure. 

Video streaming problems
Video streaming problems

THETA proposes to abandon the centralized architecture and transfer video processing and transmission to a decentralized peer-to-peer network, which will allow:

  • significantly reduce the load on data centers;
  • exclude intermediaries between content creators and advertisers;
  • reduce the cost of organizing streaming in the network;
  • provide fair remuneration for contributors contributing their processing power for video transmission.
Solutions offered by Theta
Solutions offered by Theta

Where do Theta come from?

Theta allows users to simultaneously watch video content and receive reward tokens. They can make money by streaming videos to other users who are also watching the same content. They can stream videos to other users and receive symbolic rewards for their contributions.

Users can contribute to Theta Network on any PC, mobile device or smart TV. This began to affect the price of Theta.

Innovations of the Theta network
Innovations of the Theta network

How does Theta work?

For video platforms, integrating Theta into the video delivery stack allows them to lower video delivery costs, deepen viewer engagement, and increase additional revenue. By spending less on video delivery infrastructure and more on rewarding their users, Theta-powered video platforms can grow their user base and gain market share.

What makes Theta unique?

For video platforms, integrating Theta into their video delivery stack enables them to lower video delivery costs, deepen viewer engagement, and increase additional revenue. By spending less on video delivery infrastructure and more on rewarding their users, Theta-powered video platforms can grow their user base and gain market share.

What makes Theta unique?
What makes Theta unique?

Where to buy Theta?

There are two popular ways to buy Theta in Kenya. One of them is through an exchange, for example, the Binance exchange. To start investing in Theta, open a cryptocurrency wallet on your chosen exchange. Here you need to choose the right moment to buy, buy and close positions as soon as the price rises to a level that is comfortable for you. Note that the market may move against you, the price may drop and you may suffer losses.

A convenient alternative to buying Theta is to use Contracts for Difference - CFDs. Buying Theta on a CFD brokerage platform is easy for novice traders because you are simply speculating on the ups and downs on Theta without owning the asset itself. Try it and you will definitely succeed!

How to start investing in Theta in Kenya?

Invest in Theta has become popular not only because virtual money is a promising financial instrument, but also because of its high yield today. Investors need to know the specifics of the cryptocurrency market.

The profit from virtual instruments is quite high. The trader needs to know the basic safety rules and strategies. Just do it!

The cryptocurrency market is characterized by high volatility, prices literally "jump" up and down. It is unrealistic even for expert analysts to predict whether they will fall or rise in the short term, not to mention the long term. The only way to survive the "leaps" is to choose a strategy for yourself, strictly follow it and not invest the last money in the project.

Theta Safe Investment Rules:

  • choose a reliable, proven trading platform;
  • do not use public WI-Fi for transactions;
  • will exclude the exchange as a place for storing assets (these are the favorite platforms of cyber fraudsters);
  • store keys, seed-phase in a reliable place only you know.

The strategies for investing in Theta in Kenya should be chosen depending on your personal investment goals, your risk profile and the length of time you plan to part with money.

Choose your investment strategy
Choose your investment strategy

Long term

“Bought and forgot” - the long-term investment method is suitable for beginners who are not used to taking risks. Here they place their bets not on price fluctuations, but on its change in the future.

Short term

At the end of the period, the investor compares the prices and, if they are satisfied, sells the assets. Suitable for those who do not have the opportunity to place their funds and expect great profitability for a long time.


In fact, this is not an investment, but a speculative resale game. The method is suitable for stress-resistant, experienced exchange participants. After all, you will need to constantly monitor the situation on the market, track news, assess their possible impact on the price, be able to use quotes, charts, and understand the main indicators of assets.

Trading gives you more opportunities to generate super profits. So go for it, successful bidding!

If everyone has their own attitude to risk and depends on the physiological characteristics of a person, then the other two points are "profitable". You just need to know and apply them in practice. Do not forget that any strategy should be based on an adequate analysis of current positions and factors that affect the price of the traded asset.

To investing in Theta in Kenya, a trader must be able to place orders correctly:

  • Stop loss. This is an order that you give a broker to sell or buy (in the case of margin trading) a security or currency if their price starts to change sharply against you and you want to minimize your loss.
  • Stop limit. Used to limit losses to a pre-calculated amount. If the market crashes unexpectedly, your losses will be predictable for you.
  • Take profit. This is a stop order that you give the broker to sell or buy a security or currency when its price on the exchange reaches a level that is beneficial to you.

Trading through the online trading platform is extremely convenient, as it allows the trader to minimize the time spent on transactions and customize the chart architecture taking into account the task at hand.

It is not very difficult to start investing in Theta. It is much more difficult to keep a balance and not drain all your savings. Here only a competent approach can give you confidence in your work!

Is Theta a good investment?

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more mainstream, attracting retail and institutional investors. People are interested in the fundamental value of various cryptocurrency projects, including Theta, as well as their potential for the financial services industry.

Should traders invest in Theta?

The confident development of the project and the availability of guaranteed demand for tokens from media partners (Samsung VR, MBN, and others) ensured THETA a relatively stable rate even during the collapse of other cryptocurrencies.

Company partners
Company partners

How to buy Theta in Kenya right now?

To start investing in Theta simply and easily, you need to choose a broker with low fees and a reliable platform. An important advantage of a good broker is that it allows you to fund your deposit immediately using a credit card, Paypal, or bank transfer. And in a few minutes you can start trading Theta in Kenya via CFDs.

CFDs are a financial instrument that allows traders to capitalize on their money using financial leverage and open real-time trades on cryptocurrency pairs.

Online services facilitate the purchase of Theta by leveraging technology and offering new forms of investment. Start with micro-sums and then expand your investment portfolio. Proper preparation will in many ways be the key to a successful start. We wish you a successful investment!

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose