Ripple Labs is a developer of a payment system, currency exchange and transfer system under the Ripple brand.

The services are based on the use of a distributed open Internet protocol, a consensus register and its own currency called XRP, also called Ripple.

The Ripple network aims to make possible secure, instant and as free as possible financial transactions of any amount without revocation around the world. It supports any fiat currency (dollars, yen, etc.), cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, litecoin, etc.), commodities or other units of value. 

Ripple is based on a collective and open database - a register. Besides balance data, the register contains information about offers to buy or sell currencies or assets, thus forming the world's first distributed exchange.

Network participants agree to changes made to the register through a process called consensus, which takes place every 2-5 seconds. Consensus allows for payments, exchanges and transfers without the need for a single clearinghouse. 

XRP is a pre-collapsed currency, which means that its value can change if the company wants it to. This cryptocurrency does not have a job called "Mining" and transactions are not verified independently by different nodes. 100,000 million XRP digital coins were originally created and Z8,000 million of them are in circulation. Ripple platform administrators can issue up to 1,000 million coins a month. 

The growing popularity of XRP cryptocurrency depends on the cooperation of its founders with traditional financial institutions that want to use XRP to improve their operations. 

How to buy Ripple (XRP) 

When investing their money in XRP, many people expect to make good money on the growth of its rate. Since this digital currency cannot be mined, the only way to get XRP is to buy it. 

Before you buy XRP, you need to decide where to store the coins. Where you store the coins you buy depends directly on what you buy them for. 

How to buy Ripple?
How to buy Ripple?

There is no official Ripple wallet, so it makes no sense to look for one on the Internet.

There are many different online wallets on the market for XRP, each offering different levels of security and more or less extensive features. There is a basic distinction for all wallets:

  • Cold Wallet;
  • Hot Wallet. 

The crucial difference is the connection to the World Wide Web, the Internet. Cold wallets are never connected to the Internet, while hot wallets are connected all the time. That's why large investment firms and crypto exchanges store most of their clients' assets in cold wallets. They offer maximum protection from thieves and hacker attacks. However, cold wallets are recommended not only for large investors, but also for small investors with small budgets. 

There are several ways to buy Ripple in Kenya: 

  • Through the exchange, for this you need to register and create a request to buy digital currency, for a currency that you are comfortable with.  
  • A faster way of buying, you can use online exchangers, choose the one that supports XRP currency and select the exchange rate that is satisfactory for you.
  • You can also buy XRP coin directly from its owner, but such purchases are the most risky and you can run into fraudsters.

How to invest in Ripple (XRP) 

You can start invest in Ripple in Kenya simply by purchasing a certain number of coins. You can hold XRP coins for a long time and wait for the price of this currency to rise and then sell them and get the difference in price. 

How to invest in Ripple?
How to invest in Ripple?

It is also possible to invest short-term, such transactions bring daily profits. Such a way of investing is possible with the help of a trading platform. 

Ripple (XRP) trading platform 

A trading platform is software that gives a trader online access to international exchange and over-the-counter financial markets. The intermediary between the market and the trader is an online broker, the trading platform is an online broker's tool provided for the trader to obtain information and make trades. 

A trading platform or terminal is needed for the following purposes: 

  • Getting information.
    First of all it is the quotes - value of asset at the present moment in online mode. Quotes are broadcast online by a broker who receives them from his partners who are liquidity providers. Also in the platform you can find the archive of quotes, get the news, etc.
  • Market analysis.
    The platform has basic tools of technical and graphic analysis to assess the state of the market at the moment and in previous periods.
  • Deal management.
    Opening and closing of orders, partial closing of orders, installation of pending orders.
  • Managing accounts.
    Opening any number of demo and real accounts, switching between them during trading and analysis.
  • Testing of strategies.
    The functionality of some platforms allows you to test the effectiveness of manual and algorithmic strategies on the history of quotations.
  • Analysis of trade results.
    The platform saves the history of transactions and forms a statistical report with the possibility of its unloading into tabular editors.
  • Efficiency of work with transactions.
    Comfort is important in trading. The platform should not make eyes tired, should have laconic design, and all basic functions should be "at hand".

How to Start Investing in XRP

Traders prefer to invest using trading platforms. It is a fast and reliable way to generate passive or active income through trading. It is publicly available and easy to use. 

Start trading Ripple
Start trading Ripple

Before you start investing using a trading platform, you need to choose a platform that is reputable to other traders. Make sure the trading marketplace is licensed and safe from a technical point of view. 

How to register 

Registration takes place on an online broker's website. You enter your personal information, come up with a password and complete the registration, then you can proceed to trade. 

Registration on the trading platform
Registration on the trading platform

How to open a demo account 

A practice account, is some bonus on the trading platform, it is a full copy of a real account, with a few differences. The demo account already has funds that you can use, but they are fictitious, hence, the trader will not be able to withdraw profit. But a demo account also has online market data and allows you to hone your skills and practice your strategies. 

How to open an account?
How to open an account?

On some platforms you have to choose the practice account function, while on others you can open it immediately after registration and use it indefinitely, with no charge for the funds provided.

How to open a real account

You can open a live account right after the registration or after training on a demo account. All you need to do is to deposit money on your account. 

How to make a deposit 

You can do this with any bank transfers which are supported by the online broker. After you decide to open a live account the system will open the depositing option. 

Deposit replenishment
Deposit replenishment

Minimum deposit amount  

The minimum deposit amount depends on the platform and starts from $10. Do not forget that you do not have to start with a huge amount, a trader can gradually increase his balance while trading. 

How to withdraw money 

Select the desired item in the menu, specify the desired amount and the account where you want to transfer the gained income. Check the commission and confirm the withdrawal. 

Security of investing in XRP 

All trading platforms are equipped with security programs, so investment security depends only on the trader who should use all methods of market analysis. 

Thanks to the analysis, traders and investors can understand the future direction of the price, which reduces the risk of losing money and makes trading safer, it is also important to use different strategies, which have been previously worked out and allow trading with a greater chance of success. 

How to safely invest in XRP online 

To safely trade XRP coins online, traders should only use trusted trading platforms and follow all trading security measures. You can discuss strategies with other traders and practice them in practice accounts. You can also keep up to date with news information regarding your chosen digital currency. 

It's also important to constantly improve your trading skills. You can also discuss strategies with other traders and practice them in training accounts.  


Can you buy Ripple?

Anyone can buy XRP coins now, there are no restrictions. You can buy as many coins as you see fit to satisfy your plans. 

Analysts predict a further rise in the price of this cryptocurrency, so now is a good time to buy XRP. 

If you have good patience, you can easily start a long-term investment, because it can take a very long time, starting from a year or even longer. 

You can buy XRP only on the Internet, on an exchange, an online wallet or the owner of this digital currency, all methods are easily accessible and differ only in the time spent and the security of transactions.

All you have to do is enter your credit card details in the source of your choice to buy XRP coins.

The methods of purchasing this digital currency are the same in all countries.

For half a day, 12 months, the price of XRP is only growing, which makes this currency more and more attractive to investors and traders.

The price in the market is constantly fluctuating, and a small drop is completely normal and natural for any asset you choose.

A sharp upward price spike could mean more investors (large and small) are interested in and purchasing XRP.

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose