How to buy Cardano?

Many experts believe that digital money is the currency of the future, and that blockchain has the power to transform the economy and social sphere of people's lives. It is only a matter of time. Millions of people will be able to invest, send money across borders, save money and start businesses thanks to the amazing opportunities that cryptocurrencies offer.

Cryptocurrencies have three important features:

  • Anonymity (you remain completely incognito to other users when making a transaction or other financial transactions);
  • Decentralization (complete independence and not belonging to the banking and economic systems of individual states);
  • Security (cryptocurrencies provide better protection of funds than conventional electronic systems due to their encryption method).

Digital money is now attracting the attention of those who want to make money online. And believe me, the earnings can be very big. All you have to do is choose a promising cryptocurrency, one of which is undoubtedly Cardano. The Cardano project was released in September 2017 as an improved version of Ethereum. But despite its young age, it is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Cardano(ADA) is a decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency that is one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies with the largest market capitalization. 

The developers refer to Cardano as a third-generation project. The first generation includes Bitcoin cryptocurrency and the second is Ethereum. 

It is the first blockchain platform to push back on a scientific and philosophical approach and research.

The internal token of the Cardano system is ADA cryptocurrency operating in the Cardano Settlement Layer (CSL). CSL is the first layer in the distributed ledger, this is where transactions between cryptocurrencies are processed. The Cardano Computation Layer (CCL) is created to support decentralized applications.

Cardano developers used the new secure Haskell programming language. 

Buy ADA online
Buy ADA online

Cardano (ADA) has been growing successfully since its inception. The value of the cryptocurrency has risen markedly over the past few months, due to Cardano's excellent functionality and the cryptocurrency boom. This platform ensures that all transactions conducted are highly secure. In addition, the platform provides the highest level of privacy to all user data. Experts agree that Cardano has good prospects. There are many reasons for this: the best developers, official recognition by Japan and several other Asian countries, active investment attraction, positive growth dynamics, and others.

Anyone can buy Cardano in Kenya, and it's all the more easy to do so using a professional online trading platform. This is actually very convenient because you can make transactions from your computer from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is choose a reliable online broker with a good reputation.

For what purposes are online terminals needed?

  • Getting information. The first and foremost is quotes - the value of the asset at the moment online. The quotes are broadcast by the broker, who receives them from his partners - liquidity providers. Also in the platform you can find the archive of quotes, get the news, etc.
  • Deal management. Opening and closing of orders, partial closing of orders, installation of pending orders.
  • Market analysis. The platform has basic technical and graphic analysis tools for estimating the market's state at the moment and in previous periods.
  • Testing of strategies. In some platforms it is possible to check the efficiency of manual and algorithmic strategies on quotes history.
  • Management of accounts. Open any number of demo and real accounts, switch between them during trading and analysis.
  • Trade Performance Analysis. The platform stores transaction history and generates statistical report.

An interactive online trading platform must have a clear interface, so a user does not get lost in it and easily find necessary sections. The possibility of flexible adjustment of the interface allows arranging the windows in any sequence, and also to change their size as it is convenient to the user. 

Today, the best platforms in Kenya offer their customers to buy Cardano through mobile apps. In terms of functionality, the mobile version of the online exchange is almost as good as the official website.  

The idea of mobile trading is built around convenience. You can check your positions from anywhere at any time, enter or exit the market, and place pending orders.

You can also set up alerts in the app, so you won't miss important price movements of your chosen assets, etc. The mobile app allows traders complete freedom, as it is your online exchange in your pocket!

How to invest in Cardano?

Even the pandemic has failed to bring down the virtual asset market, the value of cryptocurrencies is rising, albeit slowly but surely, and now is a good time to invest in this sector.

If you decide to invest in Cardano in Kenya, you need to stay abreast of the latest news and trends related to this cryptocurrency. When there is news of a new technical improvement, you can buy ADA.

If there is a drop in the price, it could also be a good time to invest because you can buy the coin at a low price.

In any case, before you start to invest in Cardano, you should determine your financial goals from these investments and clearly understand the difference between long-term and short-term investments! 

How to invest in Cardano in Kenya
How to invest in Cardano in Kenya

Long-term investments are of great interest to competent investors. They are attractive in times of crisis and instability as well as in calm times.  In the first case, long-term investments allow you to reliably protect your capital and wait out the crisis. In the second case, they will help not only to save money, but also to multiply it. 

But you should understand that using a long-term strategy will require initial investments, and how much is up to you.

The larger the amount at the start, the more you can earn, because the income is a percentage of the invested money. 

You will store your coins in a cryptocurrency wallet, which is a program which contains your public and private cryptographic keys. These in turn allow you to operate the blockchain in your own name and perform cryptocurrency transactions.

Now let's talk about short-term investments.

Basically, short-term investing is a form of speculation, or trading. It is not a way to save, but an attempt to make the most of what you can.

When choosing a short-term investment strategy, it is important to analyse every piece of news and be able to react smartly in a volatile cryptocurrency market.

In addition, you should diversify your investment portfolio as much as possible. 

This strategy will reduce the risk of choosing the "wrong" asset. Even if one cryptocurrency fails to meet your expectations, the growth of other assets in your portfolio can provide good financial returns.

How to buy Cardano in Kenya
How to buy Cardano in Kenya

As we mentioned earlier, all popular cryptocurrencies are highly volatile assets that can be profitably exploited by using a CFD (Contract for Difference). 

This is a type of financial derivative that acts as a contract between a trader and a broker. In the case of a crypto CFD, the trader, when entering into the contract, does not own the cryptocurrency and the profit depends on the rate change forecast.

The main feature of these contracts is that they give the trader more flexibility and allow him to enter and exit trades quickly.

An advantage of CFDs is the possibility of using leverage. Traders can operate with sums larger than their deposit. It allows increasing the profit significantly. However, if a trade with leverage fails, the losses will increase. So make sure you are well acquainted with this trading option.  

You should not be afraid to invest or think it is not your field.  Rather, explore all possible investment options and buy Cardano with confidence!

How to start investing in Cardano?

For most users, the decision to invest in Cardano will prove to be the optimal solution. Acceptable risks and high returns allow you to quickly increase even a small deposit with successful trades.

You can invest in ADA from scratch in a few minutes. That's the amount of time it takes to register an account, fund your account and buy assets through the exchange. Just follow a few tips:

  • You can only make a profit if you have the theoretical knowledge as well as the desire to do so. Study the minimum things an investor needs to know (terminology, how the stock exchange works, the functionality of the trading platform, the basics of technical and fundamental analysis).
  • Evaluate your own financial situation. You need to analyse the structure of income, its stability, evaluation of all tangible and intangible assets. The next step is to create a financial reserve, a kind of safety cushion.
  • Only start trading when you know exactly for what purpose you are doing it, and you have your own strategy and plan of action for each scenario.
  • For each trade, you must set a clear level in advance at which profit taking will be carried out and, more importantly, a stop loss level at which the loss will be limited. Choosing the level at which the stop-loss order will be placed means calculating in advance the maximum amount of loss you can afford for each position.

How to register on the platform?

After selecting the online terminal, the trader should fill in the registration form. In this online form, the client should provide the required details. It is important to provide the correct information from the beginning and to check all the data carefully before submitting it.

If mistakes are made during registration or if incorrect information is entered, the brokerage company may ask for supporting documents when withdrawing funds. Such a procedure is required in order to be sure that it is the client who withdraws his money.

And now in order:

  • On the website of the online broker, find the button "Registration". 
  • Follow the instructions: Fill in your registration data, including your e-mail address.
  • Open your e-mail. After registering, you should receive an e-mail with your account username and password.

Do not forget that by registering, you accept all the terms and conditions of online broker. It will be better if you get acquainted with them beforehand.

Ease of registration
Ease of registration

Demo Account

After the registration procedure, the client will be able to open different types of trading accounts.

For better acquaintance with the platform, you can begin with a demo account, which is a full-fledged trading account with real quotes and financial instruments, where a trader can also open and close his positions, moving along with the market. Demo accounts do not differ from real accounts in terms of prices or position sizes. The difference is that funds on a demo account are virtual, meaning that the trader does not deposit into the demo account, but only chooses a desired amount when you open it, and it is then displayed for trading.

Be sure to start with a demo account
Be sure to start with a demo account

Real account

You can start trading on a live account right away, bypassing the demo version. It all depends on your knowledge and skills. You have to make a deposit in order to buy Cardano and make trades. Each interactive platform has its own minimum amount. But let's say at once that it is available to anyone. There are several options on the trading platform to make a deposit. These are more often bank cards, bank transfers or electronic wallets. Choose the most convenient for you. Withdrawals are the same as for buying cryptocurrency. You create an application, pay for it, specify the details to which you want to receive funds.

How to fund a deposit
How to fund a deposit

Security of investment in Cardano

The creators of the cryptocurrency emphasize in every way that legal status for Cardano is a priority.

The advantages of Cardano are well- secured code, high speed of payments, high scalability and ensuring compatibility between existing cryptocurrencies. 

Cardano is also designed from the outset to be within the legal framework, meeting the requirements of regulators without compromising user privacy. 

Given the serious approach to development and the professional team behind the project, many experts classify this cryptocurrency as a credible one. Security, legality and functionality are all intertwined here.

How to start investing in ADA
How to start investing in ADA

Is it safe to invest in Cardano online?

It's safe enough, and here's why:

  • Digital coins are protected against the possibility of counterfeiting by the use of cryptography, an encrypted information that cannot be copied;
  • The Haskell programming language used to create the Cardano currency (ADA) is one of the most secure to date;
  • Full privacy for users when working in the system. Each party is fully protected and anonymous;
  • Regarding the protection of user accounts, the largest platforms rely on two-factor authentication.

And don't forget that if you have any questions, the technical support of a professional online trading platform is available 24 hours a day to help you!

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose