If we talk about the most famous online stores of today, the first that comes to mind is Amazon. The tiny company, which started as a bookstore, has managed to grow in two decades into a global e-commerce giant. Amazon has taken the sale of consumer goods as a benchmark, so it quickly gained popularity among the people as an affordable and very convenient online resource. 

As of 2011, the Amazon service already covered 34 product categories, including e-books, consumer electronics, children's toys, food, household goods, sporting goods and more. In the same year, Amazon already had 30,000 employees.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is said to have made his first desktop out of a door. In this high-tech company, the newest computers stood on stacks of old telephone directories, and there were so few chairs in the offices that they had to be "borrowed" for meetings where they were accidentally left unattended. The organization, which declared itself the "store of the future", was housed in a gray typical four-story building in Seattle above the dry cleaners or in the backyards, without even signs indicating who occupies the building. Today, some tables in the company are also made of doors , but not in order to save money, but as a good tradition and a reminder of where the company started and what heights can be achieved with a reasonable business. It was the reasonable approach of the company's founder to doing business together with the right directions of development that made him without exaggeration the richest man in the world, which was officially stated by such authoritative world sources.

On January 9, 2018, the American TV channel CNN named Amazon founder Jeff Bezos the richest man in history. According to the rating of billionaires compiled by Bloomberg, his fortune on July 16, 2018 is estimated at $ 150 billion.

Of course, all these things can not fail to capture and attract the attention of investors.

In the world of investing, Amazon has also long been the leader of choice - people in all corners of the globe are interested in its shares. Today we will talk about the possibility of investing in this incredible company in Kenya.

Information about the Amazon shares on the platform
Information about the Amazon shares on the platform

How to invest in Amazon shares in Kenya?

If we talk about investing, most people, having immediately imagined the piles of documents and the need to visit banks and find brokerages, often abandoned this venture. But the growing popularity of online investing is very much correcting this situation.

Today, everyone who has basic Internet access and a personal computer, and most importantly, the desire to learn such a difficult thing as investing, has the opportunity to immerse themselves in the interesting world of online investment.

Now there is no need to spend your time meeting with a broker, agreeing when it is convenient for him. Now you go to the online platform for investment just when it is convenient only for you. By registering on the online investment platform, you get access to comprehensive information on stock price movements, trading conditions, analytical tools to determine the feasibility of investing in a company and more.

If before an ordinary Kenyan could not even dream of investing in such a powerful foreign company as Amazon, now it is extremely easy to do. The first thing to do is find a list of available brokers online that work online and trade Amazon shares. When choosing a broker, we advise you to pay attention to the feedback of investors with experience of its activities, as well as take into account the amount of commissions charged by the brokerage firm for each of the services. Also note when the brokerage office was established and what experience they have.

If a broker is selected, further registration on the brokerage platform (platform) is required. Most online investment platforms include free investing lessons. We strongly advise you not to neglect them, because we should not forget that investing involves not only gains and profits, but also possible losses, so it is best for an untrained user not to invest their money anywhere.

One of the biggest financial benefits of online investing, and especially CFDs, is that they allow you to have a lot more freedom in terms of your money, because you take care of the process yourself without having to go through an intermediary.

Before choosing an investment platform responsible for buying and selling shares, also known as a broker, make sure you analyze how much Amazon shares are worth, what options it offers, so you can decide if it is convenient without forgetting about the Amazon stock price factor. Some elements to consider: 

  • Commissions to be charged.
  • Possibility to replace deposits.
  • Spreads and dividend yields.
  • Terms and conditions.
  • Withdrawal options
How to invest in Amazon shares in Kenya online?
How to invest in Amazon shares in Kenya online?

How to buy Amazon shares in Kenya

So, the first step after choosing an online broker will be to register on an online investment platform. Registration is a simple and straightforward process that takes a maximum of five minutes and does not require you to provide more information than your first and last name and email. Use your current email address, as after registration you will need to confirm it using the standard procedure, and later you will receive reminders in the mail about possible unfinished transactions on the platform, news that you may subscribe to on the platform, notifications of closing or opening market, etc.

Registrating on the investing platform
Registrating on the investing platform

The first time you log in to the platform, you will be offered to open a free demo account - do not neglect this opportunity. No matter how confident a trading player you are at the time of registration, the new platform is new moments and new subtleties of investing, new approaches to trading. Therefore, at the initial stage, you should test yourself to see if you really understand everything with a demo account. In the demo account, you will be presented with a fictitious trial amount, preferably $ 10,000. You can operate this amount at your discretion, trying to see if your methods work or not. Of course, if they work and you see the accrued profit on the demo account, it is unrealistic to withdraw these funds, because they are fictitious. But a possible loss will also not be an obligation to return the money, and only in this case will serve as a lesson in what mistakes you make.

How to open an account?
How to open an account?

To receive real funds in the future, you will have to replenish the real account by depositing funds into it. As a rule, the minimum starting amount is low and is only $ 10. You can replenish such an account using any of the payment systems listed on the site. With the same systems in the future you can also withdraw your profits.

Deposit replenishment
Deposit replenishment

On most platforms, as mentioned above, there are free online lessons in the form of articles and even videos, which is really invaluable. In addition, there is a tab "information" in the context of each company whose shares are put up for auction. You can also find graphs of stock price fluctuations, and you can choose to analyze any period, whether year or even hourly. An interesting option is to choose technical tools for analysis. Like the Bollinger Bands or the Ichimoku Cloud, ready-made solutions for analysis. To be able to use them, we remind you, you need to study in detail all the online lessons. Once again, we remind you of the thoughtfulness of investing and warn you against reckless and abrupt steps. 

Only risk the amount that will not cause your personal financial collapse in the event of a failed investment transaction.

Amazon online investment platform
Amazon online investment platform

How to start investing in Kenya?

So how do you start investing in Amazon shares in Kenya?

The first step is to study the market. The Internet is just teeming with information about Amazon itself as an object of investment, joint-stock companies and brokers that provide investment services and sell shares of this company. Therefore, study the market of services, choose a reliable broker online. Pay attention to the broker's experience in the investment business, his image and reviews about him. Find out what commissions a brokerage firm charges for providing services and what tools you can get by registering on their site.

The second step will be, in fact, the registration itself. As mentioned above, registration is an elementary step that does not require special skills or knowledge. However, you will need the knowledge and skills further when you want to enter the big world of investment.

At the start you will be helped by a free trial demo account, with which you can test your skills.

Next step by step is to replenish your account, in fact, buying shares, trading and withdrawing profits.

How to buy Amazon shares online?
How to buy Amazon shares online?

We hope that the last step - making a profit - will always be present in your scheme. To do this, you should constantly improve your knowledge in the science of investing.

Also keep in mind that stock prices are affected by factors such as the political and economic situation in the country you are in and the country of origin of the company you are investing in, as well as global processes. Therefore, we advise you to be aware of all the new ones, constantly monitoring them.

Over time, you will gain experience in trading and be able to develop your own investment strategy for market behavior. We hope that someday you will be able to advise future investors and give valuable advice to others as an experienced stock market player and a successful investor.

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