Ma Yun (in the future known to all as Jack Ma) was born in a provincial town in a simple family. Jack Ma had neither high-ranking connections nor significant savings. But he was always driven by a sincere belief in what he was doing, besides, he had his own, special vision of how exactly to act. Even Jack Ma didn't learn English the way many people do: Jack offered tourists free tours in exchange for help with their English. Later, already teaching the language to students, Jack Ma tried to emphasize practice over theory. 

Realizing that teaching English was not really his calling, Jack Ma began to take his first steps in business. In his biography Ma noted that he was the most unlucky man, if not in the world, then certainly in his homeland: he was the only one who was refused a job no matter where he tried to get it. For example, at one time he couldn't even get a job at KFC. 

Calendar of income shares Alibaba
Calendar of income shares Alibaba

When Jack Ma thought about what he was good at, he decided he might open his own translation company and named it Haibo, meaning "Hope". The first hope, however, never materialized. The ambitious young man was too ahead of his time. In China, his services were simply not in demand, and rare clients found the prices too high.

Ma's second, more successful endeavor was the China Pages Internet Directory, a kind of analog of the American Yellow Pages. The site featured a variety of Chinese companies, and Jack Ma was involved in the development of websites, including for the Chinese government. The entrepreneur was in a hurry again. It was the mid-1990s, the Internet was in its infancy in China, and very few people owned computers. Many people simply did not understand what a website was, why they needed one, how to use it, and where it was located. But Ma managed to successfully sell the company, after which he was hired by the China International e-Commerce Center to develop the government's website. 

Jack Ma's main brainchild, the Alibaba Group, came into being in 1999.

Jack Ma had nurtured the idea of the name for a long time in his head, but decided to test it on ordinary people, with whom he communicated during his trip to the USA. It turned out that almost everyone he talked to had read the story of the cunning Ali-Baba and the 40 Thieves. By the way, the businessman still calls his loyal partners the robbers.

Invest in Alibaba shares in Hong Kong
Invest in Alibaba shares in Hong Kong

Alibaba was originally created by 17 people, and, as is customary with such stories, almost on their knees, in the apartment of their leader, Jack Ma. The entrepreneurs' goal was to create a platform where users around the world could order goods in bulk directly from Chinese companies. 

Today the Alibaba Group includes many companies, from the messenger DingTalk and its own online payment acceptance platform Alipay to the well-known retail marketplace AliExpress, and even the movie company Alibaba Pictures. 

Having earned the first money, Ma decided to invest it in a new project, which acted as an alternative to eBay (which it eventually ousted), and at the same time became the main asset of the company. We are talking about TaoBao, where users sold and bought goods. Around the same time, large investors like Goldman Sachs became interested in Ma's activities. The businessman received a total of $25 million from various companies, and already in the fifth year of the Alibaba Group's existence began to make a profit. 

It is important to note here that Jack Ma's luck finally began to turn in his direction. First of all, due to the peculiarities of the Chinese Internet, eBay worked poorly and loaded slowly, and secondly, the middle class in the Celestial Empire was rapidly growing and very willing to spend money.

Information about Alibaba shares
Information about Alibaba shares

However, one should not attribute Ma's success to mere coincidence. For example, the entrepreneur took a risky step and decided not to charge merchants for transactions, and, in addition, allowed them to design their own virtual stores, which really pleased Chinese consumers. Interestingly enough, Ma earned revenue by selling a ranking spot in the virtual storefront, not from commissions.

A new project grew out of TaoBao - TaoBao Mall, which in 2008 was renamed TMall, and major international brands like Samsung, adidas, Nike and many others began to come to the site. The terms of accommodation for these participants had already changed: companies paid both a commission and a deposit to use the platform. 

In 2019, on his own birthday, Jack Ma stepped down as chairman of the company. The entrepreneur handed over the reins to Alibaba Group CEO Daniel Zhang, and he himself said he was going to do charity work. 

In March 2020, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Jack Ma's fortune was $44.5 billion, and he became the richest man in Asia. 

How to invest in Alibaba shares in Kenya 

Alibaba has established many good and promising relationships with various international companies and has become one of the leading sellers in the world. Alibaba is one of the most recognizable brands in the global market. Therefore, it is only natural that many people want to know how to invest in Alibaba stock in Kenya to achieve success.

When you decide to invest in Alibaba stock in Kenya, it is very important to do a comprehensive analysis of this company. The main purpose of any business analysis is to ensure that all possible risks are covered. A thorough analysis will help you learn about the unique characteristics of the company, its track record and future prospects. It is also important for you to do extensive financial market research to see how Alibaba's share price is fluctuating and whether it is in line with your investment objectives.

Technical and financial analysis of the company are important components of investment success.

It is also a good idea to do some fundamental research on Alibaba to understand its strengths and weaknesses. You should have a clear understanding of what this business is and how it operates. In addition, an investor needs to understand the competitors of the company they want to invest in and the industries in which that company competes. This will help determine the reason why one should invest in Alibaba stock in Kenya and how one should invest one's money. It is absolutely necessary to do an in-depth analysis before you start investing in Alibaba stock in Kenya.

News Alibaba shares
News Alibaba shares

So, you want to invest in Alibaba stock but you don't know how to invest in Alibaba stock in Kenya? There are some things that you should keep in mind when you are thinking about investing in Alibaba stock in the long run. The first thing you need to do is to set realistic goals and expectations for your investment. Do not rely on the fact that the investment will work on its own. Consequently, you need to make sure that you are willing to work at it. You need to know the basics of stock investing and learn to understand how the stock market works.

You need to learn every aspect of the investing process to identify the positives and negatives. This will help you invest wisely in Alibaba stock in Kenya and avoid serious mistakes that can cost you a lot of money. This is very important because in the end, you should get good returns by investing in Alibaba stock in Kenya.

Long-term investing in Alibaba stock is one of the best investment options.

When you are looking at how to invest in Alibaba stock for the long term, it is important that you do not only look at the short-term performance of the company. It is important that you look at the long-term results. Analyze the business strategy that Alibaba has used in the past. Analyze the different trends in the industry. You will see how successful Alibaba will be in the future. This will help you prioritize your investment and choose the best option to invest in Alibaba stock in Kenya.

How to buy Alibaba shares in Kenya 

The success of Alibaba attracts many investors and traders. The interest in this company leads investors to a single question - how to buy Alibaba shares in Kenya. There are many ways to buy Alibaba stock in Kenya. But one of the easiest and most accessible ways is to use an online trading platform to trade the stock. This is a fairly convenient and common way to trade stocks.

A trading platform is a software product specifically designed to perform stock trading and over-the-counter trading. 

Thus, we can say that an online trading platform is software that allows traders to become a participant of the stock market and to place orders for financial products, to buy and sell these products with financial intermediaries in order to make a profit. Financial products can be shares, bonds, currencies, commodities and derivatives.

Trading conditions for Alibaba shares
Trading conditions for Alibaba shares

That's why it's so important to find the right software. Finding the best trading platform means getting a superior professional tool to provide the desired level of income from trading Alibaba shares in Kenya. Apart from the general criteria, every trader should also be guided by personal inclinations and preferences when choosing a trading platform to trade Alibaba or Facebook shares in Kenya comfortably and conveniently.

The best trading platform is the one that the user feels most comfortable and efficient with.

Once you choose a good trading platform, you need to register for it. When you register, you will get an account on the trading platform. An account will allow you to log in to the trading platform anytime and anywhere to trade Alibaba shares. This is the main advantage of the online trading platform - you do not need to look for time to go to the office to buy Alibaba shares in Kenya.

Registrating on the investing platform
Registrating on the investing platform

Before you buy Alibaba shares in Kenya on the trading platform, it's worth exploring the features of the trading platform first. Also, if you are a novice trader, it is better to learn how to trade the stock before you buy Alibaba stock. You can do this by opening a demo account on an online trading platform.

A demo account on a trading platform is a virtual demo trading account, which is given to the user for free if they wish.

The only difference between a demo account and a trading account is that no real money is used in trading. This is a training account, and you can not worry about your capital. All exchange quotes on demo account are exactly the same as on the real account. Usually, the validity of the demo account is not limited. But hardly anyone needs to trade Alibaba shares with virtual money for a long time. After all, everyone wants to profit from trading Alibaba shares in Kenya.

How to open account
How to open account

To really trade Alibaba shares, you need to open a trading account. To open a trading account, you need to make a deposit. The amount of the deposit may vary on different trading platforms and depends on the trading conditions at the site. By trading Alibaba shares in Kenya, you are sure to make a profit. Profit from the trading account can be withdrawn. To do this, a special form or application form is filled out. After that, the request is processed by specialists of the trading platform. Depending on the selected method of withdrawal, the funds will be transferred.

Clarify in advance, on the trading platform, for which services the commission may be charged and how much it may be. If for some reason you can not find an answer to your question about the trading platform, ask it in the chat or by email. Support specialists are usually quick to respond and will try to help you.

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