Adidas is a German multinational corporation specializing in the production and sale of sportswear, shoes and equipment. Adidas is the industry leader in Europe and one of the largest manufacturers of sporting goods in the world (after Nike). Where did it all start? How has the Adidas founder's family quarrel affected the brand?

Adidas was founded on the basis of the family factory Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik, operating since 1924 in Herzogenaurach (Bavaria, Germany). The founder of the brand is Adolf Dassler. The Adidas brand appeared in 1948 after two brothers, Adolf and Rudolf Dassler, who own the family shoe-making business, quarreled and decided to go their separate ways. Adolf founded the Adidas brand, and Rudolf founded the Puma brand. The two companies began to compete with each other. This competition continues today, only now they have been joined by another strong player – the American brand Nike.

The competition with Puma forced Adidas to accelerate its development. In 1948, Adolf Dassler decided to place three lines on the shoes, which soon began to be recognized all over the world. This sign was registered, and the owner himself liked to call his brainchild "the company of three stripes". A year later, Adolf produces cleats with removable spikes, and a year later creates shoes suitable for playing football on snow and frozen ground.

Since 2001, Adidas has been divided into two lines – Performance and Originals. The first one presents clothes and shoes created with the use of modern technologies, and the second one offers casual clothing in a sporty style. There is also a direction of Adidas Style, offering fashionable collections of sportswear.

Invest in Adidas shares
Invest in Adidas shares

The brand's brand stores are located all over the world, and the number of employees of the company is 57,000 people (as of 2018), working in production, in offices, retail and wholesale. The Adidas Group holding also includes Reebok (a sportswear manufacturer), TaylorMade (a golf club manufacturer), Runtastic (Adidas Running – a fitness company) and 8.3% of FC Bayern Munich.

Adidas is now struggling to return to pre-tandem sales levels. In the first quarter, revenue increased by 20.2% YoY, to 5.3 billion euros. In the first quarter of 2019, revenue was 5.9 billion euros. Net profit increased by more than 2000%, to 554 million euros. The results were slightly higher than analysts ' expectations. Adidas also adjusted its forecasts for the full year of 2021. In the second quarter, Adidas showed a significant acceleration in sales growth, they increased by about 50%. This was facilitated by the release of many innovative products, including the circular Ultraboost and the further scaling of new as well as established franchises such as Forum and ZX. Major sporting events, including the UEFA Euro and the Copa America, have provided advertising to a global audience.

Investing in Adidas shares is available to anyone. That is why, if you have free cash, it is wise to invest it in Adidas shares. Stock returns can significantly outstrip inflation, not to mention the fact that such an investment will save you money. Buying Adidas shares is considered a low-risk operation, but in turn, this type of investment has its positive and negative sides.The advantages include:

  • The opportunity to start investing without having any experience in this field and with a small start-up capital.
  • The ability to make a profit from dividends, as well as from the sale of shares, provided that their price increases.
  • The ability to make quick profits and have a long-term income; to make active and passive investments.
  • Predictability of the situation on the stock exchange.

Given the above, buying shares can be a first financial experience and an opportunity to increase capital with minimal effort. However, this type of investment has its drawbacks:

  • The impact of the political and economic situation on the value of securities.
  • The inability to accurately calculate the profit.

So, to invest in Adidas shares in Kenya, it is enough to have free financial resources and the desire to multiply them. At the initial stage, it is important to collect as much information as possible, devoting a certain amount of time to this issue. Over time, and as you gain knowledge and experience, you will be able to make your own forecasts and manage your own investments competently.

Investing is one of the most affordable and realistic ways to increase your capital, while investing in stocks has a number of advantages for beginners.

How to invest in Adidas shares in Kenya?

If you are thinking about what to invest in, then you need to think about how to start a long-term investment in Adidas shares in Kenya. This means buying shares with a long-term investment horizon — a year, two, three, or even more. By buying Adidas shares, you are not only investing in the business, but also creating your own financial cushion for life.

Information about Adidas shares
Information about Adidas shares

Long-term investing is more suitable for people who do not have a lot of free time and want to earn income from their assets more than a bank deposit. The main principle of long-term investment is the growth of the business, the growth of the stock and the losses of the company, as a result of which the value of the stock decreases. Of course, even here there are difficulties, and it is necessary to correctly assess the current state of the business, as well as be able to correctly predict its development. As for the potential return, as a rule, investors are guided by an income of about 20-30% per annum in the long term. Here it is necessary to explain that the shares do not grow in a straight line. A security can be in a sideways position for several years, and then grow several times.

Choose stocks for investment
Choose stocks for investment

In order to start investing in Adidas shares in Kenya, as in any other business, you need to start with training and learn the basics of fundamental analysis. This is an analysis of the financial condition of the company, an assessment of the value of the business and the prospect of its development. There are many books and websites dedicated to helping people understand the world of stock investing.

Take control of your financial future right now!

In the ranking of the most expensive sports brands compiled by Forbes, Adidas ranks third (after Nike and ESPN) with a value of $ 11.2 billion. Adidas financial performance for 2018: assets of 15.612 billion euros, total revenue of 21.915 billion euros, net income of 1.702 billion euros, total capital of 6.36 billion euros. In 2018, sales of sporting goods amounted to: Asia-7.14 billion euros; Europe-5.89 billion euros; other countries-more than 1.6 billion euros.

According to the DJSI review, Adidas leads the industry in brand management, cybersecurity, environmental policy, operational efficiency, social accountability, and talent acquisition. Adidas believes that sports can change lives, so the company's activities are aimed at inspiring people and helping them use their strength in sports. To do this, modern technologies are introduced and new ideas are implemented.

Stock trading conditions
Stock trading conditions

Sooner or later, everyone wonders how to start investing profitably. To learn how to invest in Adidas shares in Kenya wisely and profitably, follow these rules:

  1. Start investing with small amounts. An easy way to start investing with a small amount, and the best way is to start investing with a minimum deposit.

  2. Thorough self-analysis of projects. Before investing in a new project, you will have to analyze all the risks yourself. You should not rely on the promise of getting a quick profit, no matter how attractive the deal may seem. The decision must be made without emotion and after an independent review of the investment project.

  3. Choose long-term projects. A long investment period helps to get a higher profit, shows the potential of the project and opportunities.

  4. Perseverance. Do not give up at the first unsuccessful attempts and losses, analyze the actions performed for mistakes that led to losses. Exclude it during subsequent work.

Investing is not such a complex science as rocket science or medicine, which require long theoretical and practical training. A huge amount of training material is freely available, which is enough to master the basics. Moreover, in the financial markets, information is available equally to you and to professional traders. The market changes every day, so there are still no separate faculties and institutes for investing and trading on the stock exchanges, and creating a business. Success in this comes only with participation, not training.

A well-designed investment portfolio with compliance with risks and mandatory diversification of assets can bring a stable income. Almost all of the US pension fund is in the stock market.

Thanks to the accumulated investment capital over a lifetime, retired Americans can afford to live well and travel. 

How to buy in Adidas shares in Kenya?

Today, all exchange trading is conducted online on special platforms, and this stops some novice traders. It seems that trading platforms are expensive and incomprehensible. In reality, everything is not so terrible. Brokers help clients with any issues, including understanding the platforms.

The easiest way to buy Adidas shares in Kenya is through a trading platform. There are many trading platforms on the market. You need to find someone who has a lot of experience in the stock market, such as our company. The platform is available from the broker's website and can be accessed through your brokerage account to purchase Adidas shares from anywhere in the world.

To start buying Adidas shares in Kenya, we first recommend opening a demo account. It will allow you not only to better understand the trading platform, but also to try to participate in exchange trading. A demo account on the stock market is an exact copy of a real account of the standard type, where trading is conducted with virtual funds. In terms of the main parameters and features, the demo account is no different from the usual one, so it is often used by beginners and experienced traders to perform certain tasks: training, working out new strategies.

So, beginners choose a demo account for training and gaining experience. Almost every broker offers clients the opportunity to open a demo account, where all the main tools, functions, tools for analysis, etc. are available.

Registrating on the investing platform
Registrating on the investing platform

To open a demo account, you need to register on the platform. To do this, you need to provide your data - name, email address. When you open a demo account on the trading platform, you get access to 10000.00 virtual US dollars.

How to open account
How to open account

You can treat working with demo accounts in different ways, but you should definitely not ignore this possibility. If you use such an account wisely, it can provide a lot of benefits and advantages. The demo account can be called a kind of simulator of the standard one: everything is similar in them, except for the funds that are used in trading. When working with a regular account, a trader works with their funds, multiplying or losing them, and trading on a demo account involves the use of virtual funds.

If you are already confident in your abilities, then open a real trading account to buy Adidas shares to start making real profits. To do this, you will need only $ 10. That is, you can open an account with just this amount. Of course, this amount will not bring you much profit, you can invest more at your discretion. Experts advise you to start investing in projects gradually, starting with the minimum amounts.

The financial services provided by this website carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose