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What is the IQ Option platform?

There is no doubt that this is the best platform for binary options and CFDs. Designed and grown by experts in their fields, IQ Option is a top-notch trading tool that can provide a wide range of marketable assets.

This is the best choice for traders of all levels in Kenya. On this platform you will find over 250 highly liquid assets (Forex, cryptocurrency, stocks, etc.), news feeds, economic calendar, training, tournaments, technical analysis, demo account and much more. Whatever traders are looking for, they will find it here.

IQ Option is a modern platform that connects clients around the world. You can chat in our social media communities as well as live chat on the platform. Exchange experiences and discuss news with traders. Kenyan clients can get the most out of the online markets with this broker.

The minimum cost to enter live trading on IQ Option is only $10. Clients can deposit more if they wish. Trade as low as $1 and use leverage when needed. Don't forget about risk protection - use the built-in Stop Loss and Take Profit orders to protect your trades.

What assets can I invest in with IQ Option?
Professionals advise diversifying your portfolio. The platform offers trading on various markets using CFDs and binary options. You can choose any assets for trading: currency pairs, stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, indices and ETFs.
You can open trades from just $1! CFDs allow you to speculate on the future value of the underlying asset without taking ownership of it.
What accounts are available on the IQ Option platform?
To open an account register using the form below, it will be able to try the platform features without any risk.
Demo account.
This is a completely free account. It will become available immediately after registration. $10,000 of training funds will be automatically credited to it. You will not be able to withdraw them or the profits made on the demo account. But you can safely experiment and learn on this account without spending a single cent.
Real account.
It opens to the trader after registration and has a zero balance. The trader himself decides when to replenish the account. The minimum deposit on this account is $10. After the deposit, you will be able to make real transactions from $1 and get real profit. Great option - you can switch from demo to real account at any time.
VIP account.
It provides additional benefits, such as, for example, a personal manager, higher percentages of profitability from binary options trading, withdrawal priority, separate tournaments, and training. To receive it, you must fulfill a number of conditions: in the last 60 days: replenish the deposit by $600 and make a trading turnover in the amount of $6000.
Choose what suits you and what you want. Remember that you need to start everything gradually and small. Just take the first step - register.
IQ Option application for convenient trading at any time
Whether you are a beginner or a pro in trading, you need quality software. Our app has excellent reviews and has been awarded as the most technologically advanced app. Now it's available to you for free! Use your chance - register now and download applications for smartphones based on Android and IOS, as well as for PCs based on Windows and Macos. Enjoy trading today!
How to deposit and withdraw funds?
In order to replenish your account, $10 is enough. Among the methods of replenishment are popular electronic payment systems, as well as bank credit cards. You can withdraw money from your account by making a request in your personal account in the “Withdrawal of Funds” section. You can withdraw any amount from $2. Withdrawal of funds takes from 1 minute - 3 business days depending on the payment method.
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